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Sync More Features

  • @HellbillyDeluxe
    as long, as there's the tag in progress under this thread, THE TEAM is working at enhancements

    (more infos are available WIR (=when it's ready))

  • @derDay Thank you for your reply. I was hoping for more information, but that will do for now. 😉

    Thanks again!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Would be great, if you added a confirmation pop-up that a website was successfully sent to other device and a button on mobile version to manually init syncing.

  • Avoiding opening a new thread, but could we any chance bump keyboard shortcut sync ? It's super helpful for people who've made Vivaldi minimal, board only browser, and it hurts losing all custom shortcuts on switch.

  • - Ambassador -

    @stickyburn There is already a separate request for Syncing Keyboard Definitions, but this thread is sufficient. It is still work in progress.

    Keyboard shortcuts and search engines would be my top priorities.

  • Thanks for the response @Pesala! One more question for which I could start a new thread if you'd like - I love using Vivaldi as it enables a keyboard only experience.
    As minimal as it is, people in my situation still need to deal with a whole lot of customization options when we only need keyboard shortcuts to toggle UI parts like tabs, url and status bar.

    Is there any possibility of a 'stripped' down version of Vivaldi for such a usecase? More than convenience and speed, this will enable Vivaldi to reach a smaller but stronger crowd of people who use browsers like Qute. Vivaldi is way ahead of such minimal, keyboard only browsers, and getting rid of 'bloat' will really help Vivaldi stand out. I understand this would be a niche request, but an important one in this ecosystem nevertheless.

    Thanks for the browser!

  • - Ambassador -

    @stickyburn said in Sync More Features:

    Is there any possibility of a 'stripped' down version of Vivaldi for such a usecase?

    In my opinion, no. Everyone's use case is unique to them. Customisation allows each user to remove unused menu items, move/remove toolbar buttons, assign/reassign keyboard shortcuts and mouse gestures. The permutations are endless, so it would be impossible to design a minimal UI that would suit everyone.

    What would be useful, and is almost essential for backup, is a way to Export / Import User Settings. This would allow backup, and exchange of settings between systems or users.

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