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  • Vivaldi sync is looking really really positive, loving what I see. Having extensions and bookmarks are the two most useful sync items for me, it's going to be useful to have them centralised. I see in the updates and blogs that you guys will be adding more features to this over time. I wanted to put my oar in, and say that the next sync items that would be most useful to me would be:

    • syncing all browser history. I use 7 different Vivaldi browsers (5 computers, stable release on each, latest beta snapshot on two). It would be amazing to have complete centralisation of browser history between them all.
    • syncing mouse gestures. I have so many set up on my main Vivaldi browser that I don't have time to duplicate them across browsers!
    • syncing web panel tabs. These are more then useful, so syncing them will create a consistent browser experience.

    Another point, the option to "Clear data on server" is useful, but I personally would prefer it if it had a double popup to warn you that you are doing it and to make doubly sure that's what you want to clear data. I've already cleared it by accident once 😞

    Thanks for a great browser!

    PS. The only thing I think you're lacking now is an android vivaldi app, but don't let the desktop version suffer if you do create one!

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    @tom-morton Sync is not complete yet.

    Mobile Browser Version is in progress. Some insiders are already using it, but it may be a while before we see it.

  • Searching with search engine aliases is such an incredible and time saving feature. I think that search engines sync deserves high priority.

  • @alexander-gorbovets Definitely +1 for search engine syncing. They're a hassle to set up.

  • @tom-morton
    What's really missing is syncing of search engine settings.

  • We need "Setting" in the menu: Vivaldi / Settings -> Show Vivaldi://Settings
    No need to search for whet is synced
    Then in "People" allow us to make a couple of profiles that can be used to autofill.
    Then you can add whatever you like for "Search"..
    But a new for Cookie settings and "response": Allow us to trigger a specific response to a cookie, and most likely also state log-in and password at the sites that we want to log in and they keep on tracking. We can make a username / password way that can integrate with the other password - e.g. %PASSWORD% is the password held.
    I agree with the gestures also styles but I have just one computer / screen. I would prefer to be able to maintain a customisable browser history and trace (cookie setting).

    Mod edit: we sent you a message about the deleted post. We look forward to your reply. 🙂

  • Sync for saved sessions would be nice as well.

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    @jhe while it would be nice for saved sessions to sync, you can currently just copy session files between your computers manually as a work around.

  • @Pesala Please! This! These! Give! ❤
    All of these + Mobile. Is there also a donate/insider program?

    Damn am so hyped and excited, all hail Vivaldi. OTL...

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    @AstralDust No, there's not a donation program or an insider program. You can buy goods from the Vivaldi store if you wish to support the effort and, more importantly, you can tell your friends.

    • Support save all browser setting in Sync.

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    More and more items are being synced all the time. Every time I set up a fresh profile and sync it, I find that more elements of a pre-existing profile are synced.

  • Do web panels sync yet? Spent quite a bit of time setting these up so hoping they will be backed up.

  • @winstondared
    No they don´t.
    Would be nice to get this included.

    Cheers, mib

  • Nobody has written about keyboard shortcuts, but as Vivaldi has great keyboard shortcuts configurability, they need to be synced as well!

  • I'd also like for Vivaldi to sync more features/settings. For example: My search settings aren't synced and that's a major inconvenience for me. I hope the Vivaldi Team will enhance Sync in the near future.

  • @HellbillyDeluxe There is a modification for this: Backup Search Engines:

    that works very reliably.

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