Tabs glitch

  • I've tried to unstack tabs and it ended like this. [img][/img]

  • I have experienced this problem. What snapshot version are you currently using and have you tried to re-install that version of Vivaldi?

  • Latest one. Has reinstalling helped you in anything?

  • Yes, I have used the re-installation to straighten problems similar to what you are experiencing. The application code obviously remains the same, but it can clean up my profile, etc.

  • What do you mean by similar?
    Reinstalling doesn’t solve this problem.
    I tested on different computer and it brought another glitch. I couldn’t start Vivaldi – it was running somewhere but no window nor taskbar icon appeared. Reinstalling solved this new problem but not the old.
    Uninstalling Vivaldi doesn’t clear everything. Despite selecting such option during uninstallation it left many files in AppData folder that I had to remove manualny.

  • hehe, broken again
    That second Vivaldi won’t start again. When opened as admin opened clean Vivaldi and not my last session (maybe admins session?). But second try as admin didn’t work.
    I guess Vivaldi is one time use browser 🙂

  • @hondac:

    I've tried to unstack tabs and it ended like this….
    Possible Workaround :


    Change the Tab Bar location to the bottom, wait to see it move, and then change it back to the top.

    It worked when this occasionally happened to me while dragging tabs around to a new order.

    HTH 🙂

  • Moderator

    Good suggestion, Davesnothere, and I trust it works. Of course the problem should not even be PRESENT to be solved, but we realize Vivaldi is yet in nascent stages…


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