Who will replace WhatsApp?

  • Unfortunately I had to read in the news today that Facebook bought my beloved WhatsApp messenger. Although Facebook announced that nothing will change for WhatsApp users I still feel uncomfortable as Facebook is now capable of comparing a smartphone's contact details with the account relations within FB. As an alternative I find threema.ch interesting, do you know any other alternatives?

  • Here's a link that might offer some answers to your question: http://www.techtipsworld.com/top-5-competitor-apps-whatsapp-2013/3496/

    I haven't texted for decades and I never really liked it when I did. But with 450,000,000 users of WhatsApp, I see that many people disagree with me.

  • @supertxiki:

    As an alternative I find threema.ch interesting, do you know any other alternatives?

    Ich benutze nach dieser Pleite auch Threema. Bin total zufrieden damit. Threema ist mehr als eine Alternative zu Whatsapp. ;)

    I use also Threema after this defeat. Am totally happy with it. Threema is more than just an alternative to Whatsapp. ;)

  • Some open source alternatives:
    Surespot, encrypted messenger

  • I wanna ser what will happen to whats before I do anything

  • Well, according to Twitter most people seem to switch to Telegram, which is free and looks neat but for some paranoid reason rings my TANSTAAFL-bell.

    In Germany people seem to switch to Threema, because major newspapers recommended it (some not even mentioning Telegram etc. - hey, a nice conspiracy theory here..).

    And AFK, well, people don't really care :D

    Thanks for the link. I think your profile picture pretty well explains why you don't like texting: you're too busy secretly stealing Russian nuclear submarines ;)

    Bleibe auch erstmal bei Threema, es ist so schön James-Bond-like.

    Too bad for the WhatsApp-guy, he's gonna get fired…

    @ozoratsubasa: maybe the best descision

  • Wieso hätte ich WhatsApp trauen sollen? Wieso soll ich nun Threema trauen?
    Eine interessante Alternative scheint TextSecure zu sein.

    Bing Translation (thought it happens automagically ;) ):
    Why would I trust WhatsApp? Why should I trust now Threema?
    An interesting alternative seems to be TextSecure.

  • I see from Slashdot that Tor is making their own replacement for WhatsApp. Which is the sum total of my knowledge about either of them

  • So far I've been using Viber

    • not open source so you can't be sure it won't be bought by Google/MS/Amazon/whatever…
    • it looks nice and is easy to use
    • a lot of people I know use it
      When there will be a good open source app with encryption (better yet secure p2p) I will switch to it.
      PS. (thanks to Krake for suggested alternatives)

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