Native (non-Chromium) Extensions page/panel

  • It would be very much appreciated if we could have a native (non-Chromium) Extensions page/panel that would bring back some of the better aspects of the old Extensions page such as the ability to easily toggle "Allow in incognito", and in general create an interface where it is easier to toggle multiple options with less scrolling required.

    With the upgrade to Chromium 69, the Extensions page now uses Material Design. In particular, "Allow in incognito" cannot be toggled on the main Extensions page; one must first click "Details" for the particular extension to toggle it. This is troublesome if one is doing work in both a regular and a private window and wants to toggle whether some extensions are allowed in a private window temporarily (e.g. I still want to do work in a regular window with extensions turned on, but want to disable them temporarily in a private window to do some bug-testing). This problem cannot be solved by any extension-managing extensions, because they are forbidden from accessing the "Allow in incognito" setting.

    Both the old and new Extensions pages take up a lot of space and require a lot of scrolling to access extensions at the bottom of the list. An Extensions page that has an option for "brief view"/Extensions panel that has multiple rows, one for each extension, with all the important options for extensions listed as checkboxes or links in that row (e.g. like a table) but without all the space that extension descriptions/warnings take up would be wonderful. (I know what the extensions that I install do; I don't need to see their descriptions. If another program installs an extension in my browser, it's enough for me to check that extension's description once to see what it does; I don't need to see the description all the time. Similarly, one overall warning for "Allow in incognito" is enough (in fact I would prefer that the warning can be hidden to save even more space) - I don't need one such warning per extension allowed in incognito.)

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    Having access in a panel would be great, but it would only really enhance the current page if dev features like reloading extensions and so on were possible within it. From what I can tell, that would require a bit of work on the engine side before writing a panel UI as those APIs are private.

  • @LonM
    I have the Extension manager added to the sidebar as a web panel, and it seems to work fine.

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    @Nekomajin Sure, it works. But...

    1. The panel needs to be very wide for everything to work properly
    2. Chrome's UI design language makes it very difficult to have everything on one screen at a glance
    3. If Vivaldi implemented their own UI for this, they would also need have had to properly implement the extension management API, and this would open it up to modders, so I could then customise the interface further however I want.

  • @Nekomajin said in Native (non-Chromium) Extensions page/panel:

    I have the Extension manager added to the sidebar as a web panel, and it seems to work fine.

    Me too. But it's kinda buggy, the title is always stuck at "Loading..."
    Then the card GUI design is horrendous for what it should do, waste a ton of space & only can do 3 things on plain sight.

  • @dude99
    I don't say it's ideal, but it works more or less. Anyway, it's part of my general request:


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