Save Session please, especially useful while crashy

  • A handful of times, something's killed Vivaldi and restarting hasn't brought back my sessions (at least sometimes as it's crashed/restarted more than once in a row, probably further messing up crash/restore behaviour). As a heavy tab user this is really frustrating, but when Opera would do that I had two lifelines. Firstly I could manually save session sometimes, when I was feeling paranoid. Secondly, I could regularly back up my current with cron, and easily restore that single file if necessary. I've tried restoring some seemingly obvious individual files/directories from backups to restore my Vivaldi session but didn't have much luck, only restoring all of ~/Library/Vivaldi Another usage case is that I used is when I want a simplified session for some reason (say making a presentation, having others looking at my browser, going somewhere low-bandwidth where I don't want to reload all my tabs if it does crash or gets restarted for another reason, or want to minimise battery usage) then I could save my current session, close that window before travelling, and reopen it when I get home to restore the previous tabs, history and state.

  • Looks like what are you looking for are the files current session/current tabs and last session/last tabs, iin the directory

    C:\Users{your-user}\AppData\Local\Vivaldi\User Data\Default

    As far as I understand, they aren't working as one expects, given current session/current tabs are empty while Vivaldi is running and become populated when it's closed.

    When vivaldi are restarted current session and current tabs are renamed as last session/last tabs, and a new couple of 0 byte sized current version/tabs files are created.

    Looks like that file swap happens even if Vivaldi is killed trough the task manager, so I'm not sure about what happens in case of crash

  • ~
    I periodically back up my entire 'User Data' tree, and I have a second profile which has almost no tabs opened, for fast response when opening and closing Vivaldi many times during tests of code modifications.

    It's easy to make a 2nd profile :

    (1) Exit Vivaldi and check that all tasks have closed

    (2) Find the User Data folder and rename it

    (3) Relaunch Vivaldi and it will create a new one, with default settings and no tabs opened

    (4) Now you can exit Vivaldi and rename the 2 (or more) folders back and forth, and Vivaldi will happily use whichever one that is currently named to 'User Data'.

  • Yup, thanks. Think I had found those in my earlier investigations after my first crash, but like you say, they don't always seem to contain data (or enough data). Seem to be populated just now though, so I'll keep an eye on that.


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