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  • Hi at all! :) Love the Vivaldi Browser, probably will keep it in future as first Browser. Also like the process you guys did there from Preview 2 to 3. Today i just realized that i cannot turn off that password manager. It always asks me if i want to save the password - and i dont want to. Besides that, it just fills up the Login fields with some Usernames from other sides. Would be nice if i can turn that off completely. :silly: Also wanted to ask, if you guys can make the Vivaldi Button a little bit smaller?? :) Or will there be some user-made-customization options? Thanks in Advance and keep up that pretty damn good work!!!! :kiss:

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    There will be user-made and developer-made customizations. Vivaldi is all about user options.

    I suspect that in time we will gain the ability to turn off the password manager. "Don't save passwords" is a pretty common global browser option.

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    Open vivaldi://chrome/settings/search#a and you'll find the password manager setting.

  • now thats what I call a hack…thanks :)

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