CURIOUS auto-update failure

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    On my windows 7 laptop, I had Vivaldi 1.0.156.something. Being a snapshot, it recognized the availability of, and offered to update. I gave permission, and it went through all of the motions of updating, including getting user permission in Windows to make changes to the hard drive, but THEN, after a pause during which one would assume it was updating, a windows file explorer window opened in the "Downloads" folder, inviting me to "choose a file to preview." The only actual thing I could do at this point was a) nothing or b) close the explorer window. I closed the window, re-opened Vivaldi, and I still had version 156, plus an invitation to upgrade. I said OK. This happened three times before I manually downloaded ver. 167.2 to my desktop and ran the install from there. Flawless. Frankly, I have never seen anything like this. Never. It all worked out fine, but WTF?

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    There was a bug in older versions that made the update install into wrong directories. That's probably what happened to you, too.

  • Check for updates doesn't work at all for me. I get a notice about checking my internet connection, Every build i think it will be fixed but no.

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    That sounds like a firewall or proxy problem.

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