Fan sweep / shell texture

  • This is a thing I made. Originally intended for use with any theme specified in Vivaldi's theme settings with accent colour applied to window.

    Save either of the images provided, then apply changes in appearance settings.

    Original version, with no fade:

    Faded version which darkens the expanded section of the tab bar:

  • May as well include some information about how it was made;

    I took a stock image from Adobe Images and copied a portion of it. This portion tiled well enough so I stuck with it and made adjustments to its appearance until it didn't suck.

    After some level tweaking, I indexed the image and saved with the 16-bit gray profile. Weird to index for space savings only to muck it up with an extra eight bits of colour information, not sure if it helped with its looks after using only 256 colours but I didn't want it taking up more space than it had to.

    If there are any adjustments I should make, feel free to leave suggestions. Otherwise enjoy it.


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