How to set a New Tab in Vivaldi

  • If you want a Custom New Tab Page, Here is how to do it.
    Click on The Vivaldi Menu > Go To Tools > Settings > Go To Tabs > Under New Tabs > Check Controlled By Extensions > Close Settings > Go To The [Chrome Web Store] ( > (Vivaldi is a Chromium based browser) Search for "New Tab" > Find The New Tab You want and Click Add To Chrome > Once it's installed, you should have your NEW, New Tab.

  • Thanks for posting this!

  • Or you can just go to setting then tab the check this box.

  • @unknown81311 isn't that the page described in the OP?

    I would like to give a word of warning about using extensions for new tab pages... many of them are known to collect user data, and I recall reading about one popular new tab extension that also redirected traffic through affiliate links. Considering I only used an extension new tab many years ago, right after Opera dropped Presto, to create a speed dial I luckily no longer have a need for them personally. Depending on what you're using the new tab page for, I'd recommend building your own webpage and setting its URL as the new tab page rather than installing an extension. Beyond the specific risks presented by any individual extension, for privacy reasons it's best to minimize the number of extensions one has installed.

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