Vivaldi keeps freezing

  • I have been experiencing this for some time now. Vivaldi (currently v1.0.162.9) keeps freezing up when I visit a content-heavy website, such as Mediaite ( I am not savvy in these matters, but I suspect it has to do with all the embedded flash. Sometimes, the page will become responsive again after 15-20 secs. Most of the time, however, I have to restart the browser. I don't see this kind of behavior on FF or Chrome. Is there a solution? I'm on Win 7 64-bit.

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    I think it's not just content-heavy per se, but more likely ad-heavy and flash-heavy.

    There are several of these awful sites that want you to click through a "slide show" while they display ad after ad, all of which they are getting money for, but I have yet to find a browser that can earn them their advertising money smoothly and quickly. Even with an 8MB connection and a pretty muscular computer, these sites always bog me down and frustrate me, usually resulting in my closing the tab after a few efforts to progress to the next slide. ATM, the worst browser for handling these is Vivaldi - BUT perhaps that is a blessing in disguise, because none of us, if we had any sense at all, would ever fall for these damnable time-wasting, misrepresented, least-common-denominator websites. They are evil.

    So for the time being, I commend Vivaldi for saving me from my own without-merit impulses. If all browsers were like Vivaldi, these time-sucking, money-sucking websites would be forced to reform.

  • Thank you for responding. Is there a Disable Flash plugin, as they do for FF? I use that extensiveness on FF and it does make a big difference.

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    Yes, you can do it through the flags, but I don't recall how. Hopefully one of the more tech-nerd types will respond here and bring you up to speed.

  • I installed AdBlock following the instructions from this thread:

    It all but eliminated the freezing problem.

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    Here you can set plugins as Click to Play or block all of them.

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    That's true. I have mine set to "click to play." It can be a bit of a PIA sometimes, but it's preferable to crap playing randomly every damn time you open a new tab or go to a new page. There should be a law against auto-starting media plugin content with zero user input.

  • Going to the OP - jhkumar - Is the freeze happening on every site or is it just one? I thought that the program Vivaldi was freezing and I was exiting and reloading. Then one day I checked on the freeze was on just one site - the other sites on different tabs were working fine. Next time you experience a freeze, check some other open tabs and see if they are functioning.

    Since then I copy the url for the locked site into a new blank tab and the site visit works correctly. Then I close the offending tab and continue using Vivaldi with no problems.

    I am currently using Vivaldi, but this has been happening for the past three or four snapshots.

    I have Vivaldi on a Win 7 x32 home built machine with 16 gb of ram and an ATI video card with 2gb of ram.


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