GMail not working

  • I am using Vivaldi 2.0.1303.3 (Official Build) (64-bit) in Win10.
    I have these addons.
    HTTPS Everywhere
    Privacy Badger
    uBlock Origin

    After logging into GMail I always end with an error message. This works fine in Firefox and Chrome with the same addons. Plus everytime I had to login to log in once I close the GMail tab. Any one experiencing this? Any suggestions?

  • I just tested, logged out, logged in, and I'm seeing my mails.
    Try disabling all your extensions, if it then works one of them must be the culprit. Re-enable one at a time and see which is it.
    I'm on win7 32bit, using the same 2.0. 1303 SS and also have uBlock Origin.

  • For me works. Win7 x64, V 2.0.1303.3. I have HTTPS everywhere, Privacy Badger and uBlock too (and some more).

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    Works fine
    I use nano Adblocker, nano Defender, Privacy Badger and DrWeb as privacy/security Extensions.
    Look into the settings of Privacy Badger if it blocks ads from Google, some of them are needed for GMail.

  • @catweazle Always I check if Gmail uses any tracker PB says there's nothing.

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    @potmeklecbohdan said in GMail not working:

    @catweazle Always I check if Gmail uses any tracker PB says there's nothing.

    If this problem is due to an extension, you can discard anyway uBO and PB, these usually do not cause errors of this type. Bitwarden is a good OpenSource Password Manager and Https Everywhere is not seen to be related either.
    The other two I'm not so sure, these would deactivate first to test if they are the cause.

  • I originally had Vivaldi blocking my third-party cookies, and I also had extensions (uBlock Origin, Privacy Badger, and Cookie AutoDelete). I realized that my extensions were already customized to block the cookies I don't want and then they would auto delete them. After I disabled Block Third-Party Cookies from Vivaldi, my Gmail worked again as normal. Hope this helps someone else out there.


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