Add a Load Wait Effect Before Getting a Response

  • The current Vivaldi version does not have any loading process until it gets a response from the target web server.

    For example, Chrome rotates counterclockwise (on the tab) between "Connecting to the target server and getting a response."

    I think Vivaldi also adds a loading animation to the address bar (Before getting a response).

    Otherwise, it looks like it is stuck when accessing some links that have a long connection time.

  • I came here to post this šŸ™‚

    It does feel like the browser is not doing anything. As soon as you either click a link, or have entered a url, the address bar should have a grey background, or some other indication that stuff is happening. The only visual clue you have right now is that the reload button changes to an X.

  • @hentioe In fact, there is an effect, it's just that it is static. The adress bar becomes grey (the color depends on your appearance settings) when you start to load a page, and it becomes white again when the page is loaded. But I agree that there should be something more dynamic, as in Google Chrome, there were this loading sign turning on itself.
    I think and suggest that the current animation should not be changed, but adjusted. The color should be darker or something.

  • @tolkirum
    The color of the address bar is not visible if you switch tabs while you wait for the page to load.

  • @nekomajin Yeah, that's another point. Maybe an animation with the tab that is loading could look nice. But i agree that the animation in chrome is very useful, and that it would be great to have somthing like this on Vivaldi.

  • @tolkirum
    I can see why the traditional spinner was replaced by the progress bar, and I think it works well on pinned tabs too. But the functionality of this progress bar should be extended somehow to indicate this state of page load.

  • Totally agree - just mentioned this in another post. Would also be nice to have an upload indicator for raw file uploads when one isn't provided by the 3rd party service. I often find myself uploading files to a CMS (like plugins or themes in Wordpress) without any idea how much has been uploaded or if they're progressing at all.

  • Related request to add a tab so that the loading tab style could be easily customized:

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