Switching from Stable to Snapshots

  • I recently installed Stable, and have been using it for a few days. I set my preferences, and imported bookmarks. Now I have decided I want to use Snapshots. I've seen conflicting and incomplete information on the forum of how best to do the switch. What is the current thinking on the best way to do that? I don't think I need both, so not planning to do Standalone. Should I uninstall Stable first, then install Snapshots? If so, can I migrate my settings? (Not disastrous if I can't.) Or is there a better method? Thanks for your advice!

  • @libcub I would recommend installing the Snapshot as a standalone in its own folder. Disk space is rarely an issue these days so you can easily update 1.15 Stable to 1.16 Stable whenever it is released.

    After installing the standalone version copy your profile folder over from the Stable installation. Set whichever one you wish to use the most as your default. The Snapshots are usually stable enough not to cause major issues, but there are no guarantees.

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