Download of Vivaldi - FTP and Resume needed desperately!

  • Vivaldi, I get that you're a fledgling project. But downloading Vivaldi STINKS STINKS STINKS! Browser request: add PAUSE and RESUME to your Download manager please. Website request: add FTP access to d/l your browser(s) from a more responsible client than Vivaldi. Your updates keep on crapping out at about 20 GB. At least with resume - or ftp access so we can use a ftp client with resume - i/we wouldn't keep getting frustrated wasting our time with all these crapped out d/ls! My latest d/l failures are TP3 (also failing in IceDragon but at least I can resume) and the regular update to Vivaldi (to 162?) thank you.

  • Not sure if this is what you are looking for, but if you go to vivaldi://flags there is an "enable download resumption" (you can find it with ctrl+f) which lets you resume interrupted downloads. Just tested and it seems to sort of work.

  • Y - E - S !!!

    Resume download is absolutely needed.

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