Middle-click Fails to Close Tabs in Stacks

  • Thanks, one question please, why can't one close a tab in a tab stack with the mouse middle-button click the same way it is working with normal tabs? Having to search for the 'X' on each individual tab is very slow, tiresome and counter-productive. Please address this! ❤

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    @npro It works for me.

    Specs: AMD A10-6800K, 8 Gb on Win 10 64-bit • Snapshot 2.0.1303.3 (64-bit)

  • @npro it actually works as intended also in tab stacks.

  • @pesala: you sure? I'm not talking about middle-clicking the small grey stripe at the top of the window but about middle-clicking the preview tile.

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    @npro Yes, I am sure, but middle-click does not work if tabs are at the top on a Window without Native appearance, only if the tabs are on the side or bottom, or if the window is not maximised. This behaviour is the same with tabs and tabs within tab stacks. My MMB is unreliable so I don't use it for this.

    Double-click can be used to close tabs, and this works on maximised windows.

  • @pesala Well in my case middle clicking does not work at all including/excluding all your variants. Maybe a bug? Also double clicking is not an option as with the first click you make a stacked tab active and the 2nd click does naturally nothing.

    Here is a video showing it with a default standalone installation. I don't have a program right now to show the red dot of the mouse while clicking it, but I am clicking on those tiles and nothing happens.


  • @npro you're doing it wrong, you have to middle click the tabs, not the previews

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    It looks like IAN_CooG has the answer.

    I find that if Tab Thumbnails are enabled, then middle-clicking the Tab Thumbnails in the Tab Bar also works, but not middle-clicking the popup thumbnail previews, which is as expected.

    0_1536961511344_Closing Tabs in Stacks with Middle-click.png

    I forked the discussion to the Windows forum as it is a bit off-topic in the Snapshot thread. If you're not using Windows, let me know and I will move it again to the appropriate forum.

  • @ian-coog you mean the region under the preview with the tab title and the close button 'X'? It does not work either.

  • @pesala Exactly, that's what I mean that it does not work, while I expect it to work there, if you have 15 stacked tabs you can start closing one by one with middle-click on the preview tiles - because otherwise it is very tiresome finding either the small grey stripe or the 'x' in every tile-

    Take a look at this screenshot, how am I supposed to close 4 of them faster than middle-clicking on them?


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    @npro You can close the active tab easily with middle-click or double-click. To select several tabs for closing, select them in the Window Panel, and hit delete.

  • @pesala said in Middle-click Fails to Close Tabs in Stacks:

    @npro You can close the active tab easily with middle-click or double-click. To select several tabs for closing, select them in the Window Panel, and hit delete.

    thanks for the suggestions but they come way too short comparing to the speed and functionality of middle-clicking on the preview tiles that I expected it to be working like that. Plus I don't want to close the active tab but some tabs of the stack . You can't even middle-click on a selected group of those stacked tabs in the window panel (going to the window panel is an unnecessary additional counter-productive extra move) to close them and have to hit Delete! on top of that??? No way.
    I guess this has to be moved to the feature requests then? I am a bit dissapointed to be honest 😕

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    @npro I don't see the request in the FQ forum. I suggest making it a generic request as not everyone has a middle mouse button.

    You can also right-click and select close in the windows panel to close multiple selected tabs, or right-click on a tab preview to close a tab.

    0_1536963877402_Close Tab.png

    The Windows panel is definitely the easiest way to manage large tab stacks.

  • @pesala The window panel is useful in the case you don't use thumbnails, the point of thumbnails is exaclty that, providing a visual indicator which is superior of having to read texts, right & then left click to close tabs of the stack is more fast than trying to hit the 'x' button as it does not require to aim the 'x' every time, but both have the same fundamental problem, the tab stack disappears whenever you close a tab of it, which needs to be adressed first!

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    @npro The thumbnails are the best way for selecting tabs, but there are few functions for organising them.

    It is similar to the Bookmarks Bar and the Bookmarks Panel. The Bookmarks Bar is great for quick access to bookmarks, but it is not much use for organising bookmarks.

    That's just the way it is at the moment. We have a feature requests forum to suggest improvements, but changes come slowly, so learning how to make the most of the way things are is far more productive than complaining that it should be different, or asking "Why hasn't this been fixed yet?" etc.

    There are currently about 1,000 feature requests. If we're lucky, we get 10 with each Stable release update every 2-3 months. That works out at about 20 years for 1,000 feature requests.

  • @pesala While I agree generally with you, I'm suprised this has not been improved before adding other features, because its functionality is either poorly thought out or to give the devs credit difficult to code with the current small team/ low recources. Another example of poor middle click implementation is that if you try to close a stacked tab with the middle mouse by clicking its equivalent top grey stripe (at the top of the window) it does not close that but instead closes the active tab of the stack!

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  • @pesala I will in the hope that they 'll improve it, 'cause I can't believe it is a bug since it behaves the same way in Stable. But who knows, maybe no one has noticed or wasn't that interested in reporting it?

  • Filled 3 bug reports:

    (VB-43503) Middle-click always closes the active tab of the stack but not the desired one

    (VB-43505) Middle-click fails to close tabs in stacks with popup thumbnail enabled

    (VB-43506) Tab Stack with thumbnails does not stay on top for further actions when a tab of the stack is closed

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