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  • As stupid as this may sound, I am unable to change my Vivaldi settings email address from gmail to my Vivaldi email account. Access to the field is blocked. How does one go about changing this?

  • @ineuw What's the Vivaldi settings email address? If it's the address you signed up to Vivaldi with, then you can only change it with the help of a Vivaldi employee –

    But be aware it would be foolish to change it to your Vivaldi email address, because the address is used for account recovery. You don't want an email containing a link to reset your account password sent to the account you can only access with this password…

  • @luetage Thanks for your clarifications and you made a very good point. I leave it as is until I resolve my issues with gmail. The account is the original I registered with, (gmail) and the issue is that gmail does not deliver my forum post responses. (Interestingly, this one came through.) I posted a complaint on the gmail forum and they just emailed me to call them to resolve this issue. I post in numerous forums on a regular basis, but the two accounts affected are Vivaldi and the Wikipedia family of sites. Wikipedia also has a universal notifications system and I am online daily. So, if I am working in one wiki, I am still notified of a post from elsewhere. Thanks again for the info.

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