How did you manage this? Mouse Gestures in an edge case on 10.13.6 & 10.14 beta

  • This is a shout-out post: I have to hand it to you guys. Mouse gestures are an integral part of my browsing experience since the early days of Opera/Maxthon, etc.

    I use my Mac Pro in a headless mode, while being remote connected to the desktop from around the world. I used to use Opera on the machine, but ever since I updated to High Sierra (10.13.4 - 10.13.6) no matter what I try, mouse gestures don't work over a remote connection. This isn't limited to one protocol - everything from Apple Remote Desktop, VNC, NoMachine to TeamViewer has this issue. I fresh installed Mojave (10.14) beta to see if this was an installation issue. Nope, no go. Mouse Gestures in Opera/FF/Chrome don't work.

    For some reason the right click brings up a context menu before the gesture can be fired, in Opera, Firefox (using addons), and Chrome (using addons).

    TILL I tried Vivaldi (thanks Hackernews!) Mouse gestures over remote connection are back! Not to mention what a powerful browser this turned out to be. Win - win!

    Not sure how, and why it works on Vivaldi, but I am very, very glad that it does. Productivity is back!

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    @timothevs Thanks very much for sharing your positive experience with Vivaldi!

    How did you manage this?

    The simple answer is because most of the Vivaldi UI that you interact with has itself been implemented as a web application, and that makes it totally different from every other web browser out there.

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