Tablet/laptop 2-in-1 hybrid or tablet with add on keyboard?

  • Can anyone recommend a nice Windows tablet/laptop hybrid? The Microsoft Surface 3 looks like a toy to me. The Asus Transformer T200 has keyboard flaws. I'm interested in power, writing functionality, and mobility, but am bored with the laptop clamshell format so a 2-in-1 hybrid seems like it could be a good option. Alternatively I could buy a suitable tablet with an accessory, unattached keyboard. This would require two separate periods of research: the best 10.1 inch tablet and the best portable keyboard. I've heard Microsoft is releasing an outstanding portable tablet keyboard this summer, but I require something in the interim. It seems that the hardware combination I need doesn't exist yet.

  • Does the keyboard have to be removable? I've seen a few laptops with either a 360 degree hinge so the keyboard folds under, or with a pivot so the keyboard twists around behind the screen. Obviously such a thing would weigh more, but you can't forget or lose the keyboard that way.

    Searching on comes up with 24 "2 in 1 laptops", including some by Lenovo and HP. Conversely, Logitech does make a nice Bluetooth keyboard you could use with any Bluetooth-enabled tablet - be it Android, Windows 8.1, or even iOS. (I have one and use it with my Nexus 7.)


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