Sound is lost after computer sleeps

  • We use FreePBX here in our office for our phone system. It has a control panel that allows us to listen to our messages through a web-page hosted by our phone's webserver.

    Normally, everything is fine. But if I put my computer to sleep, when I wake it up, I can no longer play messages. The system is just playing wav files. Actually, I can play them just fine, but no sound comes out.

    I have to quit Vivaldi and open it again for the sound to work again. Refreshing the page does not help.

    I'm using Windows 7 with Vivaldi version 1.15.1147.64
    I'm still having this same problem with Vivaldi 2.1.1337.47

  • I'm still having this problem, and nobody has made any reply. Am I the only one who has this problem?

  • @khaolos More likely the only one here using FreePBX to listen to messages.

    Is the mute tab icon showing on the tab that should play the WAV files?

  • @pesala No, it is not muted; at least I don't see any mute icon. But if I restart the browser it works. But I have to restart it every time my computer sleeps.

  • @khaolos Type "vivaldi://restart" in the URL field. For me, it takes no more than 10 seconds to restart. YMMV

  • @Pesala Actually, it was muted. I didn't realize that there was a mute icon on the tab at all. The icon only shows whilst something is playing. So, unless some sound is playing you cannot tell whether the tab is muted. AND you can't mute nor unmute a tab unless sound is playing, apparently - the command is absent from the tab's context menu unless sound is coming from the page.

    So, that's why I never knew the tab was muted.
    I have never muted a tab before on purpose; and it seems to have been getting muted when I put the computer to sleep. Funny thing is, that, if you can't mute a tab unless it is playing, how does it get muted before I push the play button? It's like it's on pre-mute.

  • @Pesala Okay. I did it. It gave me this number: VB-46716

  • With the recent updates, now it's worse. There's no sound, and the tab is not muted. 😞

  • I've experienced this issue today actually, a friend stayed over and I let him use my computer (He even has his own user), he tends to leave the computer on sleep, when I logged into my user (his user was logged in) Vivaldi had no sound (but windows did), however, I tried the same with Internet explorer and it also had no sound, which led me to believe it's an issue with the most recent Windows 10 update.

    So, I would like to ask you, could you try to reproduce this error and then try Any other browser while experiencing the issue on Vivaldi? it would be of great help!

  • PS, I was able to fix it by closing his user and mine, then trying again, the issue might be linked to Windows and multiple users, Do you have more than a user on your computer?

  • @Awpii Actually, I didn't realize the wav file was only 4 sec long - it was blank, which was the reason there was no sound... whoops! Sorry! I'll have to wait and see if there really is a problem now.


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