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    @ornorm Nothing wrong with asking nor hoping. I've had a few shot down even quicker. Never give up on hope.
    Don't worry we never judge. FWIW, all Ambassadors are volunteer users who spread the word about Vivaldi. As are the forum moderators.

  • @para-noid For sure.
    About the Ambassadors and the Moderators, I really know how engaged you are and that you do it as volunteers and you have (since the first day of my presence on this forum) all my due respect. I mean it.
    About that specific subject, I think we, the forum users, sometimes forget how much you help us, how much time is spent to find solutions, workarounds, mods, etc. and, sometimes, even explanations for impatient users that kind of want the next release NOW. I really respect the Vivaldi community (team, community managers, etc.) for their patience, their understanding, their sensitivity with a community which becomes bigger and bigger day after day. This means more topics to treat, to moderate, to answer to with limited means.
    In any case, I know you don't judge. You share your point of view and I really appreciate this.
    I'm just sometimes confused about the way some can share it...

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