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  • It would be incredible if we could have the option to add a widget bar (on the top or the bottom of the window for example) to Vivaldi.
    It would be of course an option to activate so users who wouldn't need it would not have to see it.
    It could contain different features like, for example :

    • A music player
      0_1536518287760_Widget bar.png

    • A RSS feed
      0_1536518305893_Widget bar_RSS.png

    • The horoscope
      0_1536518333051_Widget bar_Horoscope.png

    • The weather
      0_1536518359826_Widget bar_Weather.png

    • Stock prices
      0_1536518384868_Widget bar_Markets.png

    • Social networks warnings (could be clickable links that would, for example, open a panel with the last messages)
      0_1536518440161_Widget bar_Warnings.png

    • Other features?

    It could also be a mix of them. The user could select what he wants to see.

    The bar could, by a click, be hidden or shown and customized by the user (theme based, change the color, the size, etc.)
    What do you think?
    Edit : these are only rough ideas and just an example of what may Vivaldi develop in order to be a browser that would differentiate itself from the competitors in order to catch a larger audience and attract new users.

  • Do you mean a music player from a local drive or the Internet? Or both ☺?

  • @potmeklecbohdan Both if possible (the user could make a selection of the music player he wants to link to the widget)

  • Moderator

    I don't like this idea of a "widget". It seems to suggest something would need to make a bespoke tool for vivaldi, which is a non-starter, really.

    Instead, why not just take the idea of a panel, only sized like a toolbar. That way you could add any webpage, opening up possibility of extension pages or web pages (or even a local page like VLCs HTTP interface). This would make it easier for people to develop and share "widgets" without needing to understand a whole new ecosystem.

  • @lonm I understand your point of view. Here, the idea is really a general idea to have Vivaldi being really different from its competitors with a useful feature that users could enjoy using. The idea isn't rigid at all. It's just to propose a kind of basis to a broader reflection to the Vivaldi team if they're interested. Should it be a panel? Why not. Something else? Why not.
    These are just pure theoretical examples of features that might interest users on a daily basis and that could be encapsulated into the browser.

  • Moderator

    @ornorm I suppose one way vivaldi could add something "new" would be like this:

    • A "widget" is just a web page (possibly from the internet or an extension)
    • When adding it, vivaldi allows the user to select an element
    • When displaying it in a toolbar, vivaldi just renders that widget and nothing else

    That might be an easy way to show, for example, social media notification icons.

    However, then vivaldi would need a special way of handling what to do when the user actually clicks on it.

  • @lonm It could be a way to implement it.
    The way it could be implemented isn't really where I could have an added value.
    As said, it's more the concept that could be interesting if people are enthusiast about the idea of having such features at their disposal into their (favorite and fantastic) browser.
    Personally, I would love to have such features available. It would allow me to reduce the number of panels, extensions, etc. I use everyday.

  • We have sidebar panels to do exactly the same. With a much better space consumption.

    Although, Vivaldi should support the sidebarAction API.

  • @nekomajin I use the panels on a daily basis and I love them. The idea presented here is quite different because you could be able to have the features you use on a daily basis all available at the same place (cfr "It could also be a mix of them")

  • - Ambassador -

    No way. Vivaldi does not need to be all things for all people.
    This idea sound like panels on top. Ugh. Just use the panels on the side.
    This should be a non-starter. More and more browsers are trying to be
    minimalist. Why take up more real estate?

  • @para-noid No way? If it's optional and if other people would like to have it, why not offering an additional feature that wouldn't impact the ones who don't need it? When I see the number of persons using Rainmeter, Samurize, xWidget, etc. it seems some could be interested to have such features directly included in a browser.

  • @ornorm
    Who will develop these widgets for a small user base that Vivaldi has?

    A thin bar like this would restrict the possibilities. You can have much better screen use with vertical areas, but we already have sidebar panels for those.

    I don't see how it differs in functionality from sidebar panels.

  • @nekomajin Ok, you don't like the idea. You're free to think so.
    Personally, I don't have any idea of the size of the user base you are referring to. You might have information I don't own.
    The idea was, as already explained, just to attract new users to Vivaldi because I think that Vivaldi is a great browser with a huge potential that should be spread to more and more users. Having original concepts that might be a plus compared to the competitors was, for me, something to take into account.
    It's only a concept that could, maybe, inspire some. That's all.
    It's the third time you comment this post to say you don't see the added value of it. I think I understood your point of view.
    I already explained the difference with the web panels previously.
    I just wanted to have a positive approach, I just wanted to share an idea. You don't like it. Ok. You don't like it.

  • @nekomajin I have panel still active and something like this idea is good for me. Maybe opt. ↑↓→← because I have free the top.
    @Ornorm one more question: how do you think this'd look like:
    [widget][widget][widget] etc.? Still opt.?

  • @potmeklecbohdan It could be [widget][widget][widget] if you choose for more than one widget in the bar (eg : Music player + weather + social network) or ←[widget]→ if you go for just one widget.

  • @ornorm ←[widget]→ means widget + arrows for switching.

  • @potmeklecbohdan Oooooh! Sorry, I thought it was about the widget taking the entire width of the bar.
    Ok, interesting! That might be a nice option as well.

  • - Ambassador -

    @Ornorm Don't get us wrong. We respect you and your idea. Some of us don't see how this is necessary.
    Please keep in mind a feature many of us would like to see is an RSS Reader. This and this may be of some interest to you.

  • @para-noid I'm patient. @Ornorm is patient too AFAIK.

  • @para-noid Don't worry. I know some could not want to have such feature and I respect this. I'm open for any advice, comment (positive or negative). I just doubt about the ones posting three times the same kind of comment. I just don't get the added value of it.
    About the RSS feature. I know that a lot are waiting for it (me included as @potmeklecbohdan wrote) and it's also a reason why I did include it into it.
    I mentioned Rainmeter for example because it could be a source of inspiration to implement this (RSS included) into a browser because it is based on a kind of "pull" technology (I'm not expert enough to know if what I write here is correct) that can bring all those different informations and features to the end user. I thought having them into the browser we use on a daily basis could be even better than having to go to our desktop (that we don't watch that often).
    In any case, don't be afraid, I don't see lot of people upvoting this feature request so... not sure it will be implemented one day 😎

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