Possible to use Vivaldi Mail with the Windows 10 Mail client?

  • Hello,

    I have tried setting up Mail (Windows 10 has an integrated app) with a Vivaldi account and I just can't get it to work. The app doesn't seem to have options for port or Connection Security etc. It works just fine with Gmail and Hotmail/Outlook, but not Vivaldi. For Gmail/Outlook the app basically just detects settings properly, which is good considering the lack of settings depth.

    Anyone got to make this Win 10 Mail/Vivaldi Mail combo work?


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  • I've read that, hence me mentioning Port and Connection Security in the 1st post. Windows 10 Mail doesn't have these settings. This is how these settings look in the Windows 10 Mail client:

    alt text

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    @t0yz Yes, I got it to work at first try. I was able to send a test e-mail and receive a reply via the Windows 10 Mail app. I've used the settings from the help page mentioned by @Gwen-Dragon (actually, all I had to provide were the server addresses and my login credentials). I haven't touched anything else. I have tested the IMAP settings, I haven't tried the POP3.
    What are you getting? Any error messages?

  • It got fixed by itself. The error was settings out of date and nothing was syncing. I opened Mail again now to try more settings and the Vivaldi account worked normally, have no idea why, didn't even reboot since writing the last comment here.

    Oh well, since it now works, it's all that matters.

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    @t0yz I'm glad to hear that. I've marked your topic as resolved - if it stops working again, feel free to come back and report it here.
    BTW, now, thanks to this thread, I have set up my Vivaldi mail account in the Windows 10 Mail app on my PC. I might wanna leave it there. 😄

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