10 ways to customize Vivaldi: our users speak

  • @paragon: as I said, these are in the most appropriate place for them: in feature requests board
    but I may as well shortly list these here: fully configurable mouse gestures (currently flips/rockers are hard bound to whatever and many actions are missing, configurable toolbar(s), actually working middle click on tab bar to open new tab, RSS reader with comfortable interface (M2 was lacking some things, Smart RSS is too, Newsfox is the one for me)
    I know all of these are on the roadmap, but unfortunately roadmap and current product are two different things

  • @olgaa: the tone of posts since you "released the 1.0" (I wouldn't consider it production ready before reaching the promised featureset but that's me) changed into slightly too proud and with time it feels more and more like it, in light of recent mozilla actions feeding us with all kinds of bs to justify or simply hide their mistakes it simply feels like you are giving up on the mission and going the same way as them, maybe I'm overly sensitive and got impatient nowadays, I am aware that it takes time to create proper browser (or any piece of software!) but the sad reality is that we (users) have no time anymore, our anxiety and desperation grows daily and seeing these proud posts while we are still stuck in the same place is just bad

  • @zakius said in 10 ways to customize Vivaldi: our users speak:

    we (users) have no time anymore, our anxiety and desperation grows daily

    shut the pc/phone down and go get a life, you'll get rewarded by recovering your issues. /me rollseyes

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    @zakius We hear you and it's totally not the intention of these blog posts to create the impression that Vivaldi is perfect. To us, they are educational blogs. We hope that they will help users out there to get to know Vivaldi better. And, yes, it does take time and dedication to create a good browser. Some things take longer than others but we're not giving up on our mission, and seeing that so many people use the browser gives us a lot of encouragement.

  • @ian-coog said in 10 ways to customize Vivaldi: our users speak:

    @zakius said in 10 ways to customize Vivaldi: our users speak:

    we (users) have no time anymore, our anxiety and desperation grows daily

    shut the pc/phone down and go get a life, you'll get rewarded by recovering your issues. /me rollseyes

    though I don't share the desperation and anxiety feelings expressed by @zakius he has a point: for some people a browser is a working tool so they can't simply shut down the PC. When the real Opera went out of business to me it was almost like losing a limb and I guess that many other loyal Opera users who used Opera for work felt the same. I guess everybody expected to see more progress towards the goal by now, circa 44 months after its launch, it may be even possible that some of us misunderstood what was the goal. Personally I have adapted myself to not having a browsing tool capable to cover all of my browsing needs, I use more than one tool and all of them combined don't give me the easy life that I got with Opera Presto - and the regret is even bigger thinking what that browser could have been now. I guess the better option would have been to avoid the free browser and going with a trialware formula just like Opera was in his first years, but maybe there aren't enough users to justify that business model. So in the end I guess that though I understand the frustration, @zakius is wrong, post like this one and every other form of advertising are necessary, Vivaldi needs to enlarge its user base since such enlargement is the prerequisite for Vivaldi becoming the browser we want.

  • #5 FALSE
    You can't customize Start Page.
    You can't select different background image for every SpeedDial (be it main SpeedDials at the top or subfolders on SpeedDial). It would help to recognise on which SpeedDial I'm currently at.
    Whenever I change the size of the window thumbnails change their position and I have to search for them. It defies its purpose - it's SlowDial, not Speed.
    Also I cannot put thumbnails anywhere where I want on a grid - I can only ad them in continous steak. Moving one thumbnail destroys whole composition.

  • @hondac said in 10 ways to customize Vivaldi: our users speak:

    #5 FALSE You can't customize Start Page.
    There is nothing false about the claims made in the blog.

    If you would like to select different backgrounds for each speed dial page, then add a new feature request for it.

    Vote for Zoom Start Page Thumbnails to Fit which would solve the problem of the grid rearranging itself on resizing the Window. There is already a setting for Maximum Columns in Settings, Startpage, which will help to some extent.

    Again, add a feature request for a More Flexible arrangement of Speed Dial Thumbnails.

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    @zakius I do also share some of that frustration, as I don't have a browser that would answer to all of my needs, but the reality is that if you want a product that fits your needs 100%, you're probably gonna have to develop it yourself. And it's not something that can be done overnight.
    To me, Vivaldi is far far away from where I wish it was, but I believe that it'll be there eventually. And I know that I won't make them give me what I want just by blindly complaining in the comments about the difficulties of my life without the proper browser, so, instead, I'm trying to support them the way I can.
    You haven't paid to download Vivaldi, you didn't invest your money in their company, they didn't make a promise to deliver you something that you specifically asked for, so that gives you no right to make such demanding (and disrespectful) statements.
    Also, they don't advertise themselves as "the new, better Opera", so I think it's a bit ignorant to tell them what they should or shouldn't consider as a working, functional product. They did what they did and they have the right to feel proud of it (even if it's nothing in your eyes) or to advertise their product however they wish. It won't change the fact that it's still their product vs. your own opinion.

  • @pafflick: take in count that Vivaldi is (for whatever reason) not an open source project (even if we can see some code) so we can't back it up even with things they would gladly accept so we can't do anything besides commenting (or buying some gadgets and wasting most of the money for the gadget itself instead of putting it in the product, great deal)
    I am in close touch with the head of another project, supporting with ideas and issues and even provided some code for them, Vivaldi doesn't allow me to do it though

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    @zakius It's a private company, so we either use their products or we don't. And I'm not saying because I'm happy about it, as I'm not - I'm saying it because that's the reality. Just because it's free, doesn't mean it should be open source (no matter how awesome that could be) nor does it give us the right to make demands as if we owned the company.
    But I wonder how Vivaldi prevents you from providing them ideas or reporting issues? Regarding the code - I know it's sometimes impossible since it's not open source, but there were times when they used some parts of code provided by their users. So it's not entirely true, that they don't accept such support.
    And the fact, that the only money you can "waste" here is for some gadgets means that they don't want anyone to feel as if they owed anything to anyone. Otherwise, we wouldn't see anything else here but demands from disappointed users, who put their money into a project that hasn't met their expectations. Perhaps they value the freedom of choice concerning the direction of the development process over the money aspect.
    So, just as I said - I'm trying to support them the way I can. We can criticize the things we don't like, but this should be a constructive criticism. I don't think that mere complaints or accusations can do any good, for anyone...

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    Thanks all for your comments! 😊 All feedback is taken on board. Happy to see that many of you found this useful. There is no "right" way of using Vivaldi, there are as many Vivaldi setups as there are users. And there is always something new to learn from such a knowledgeable bunch of people as our community.

  • @pafflick: as I said multiple times: I submitted feature requests eons ago, did it even every few "releases" in era of one common topic for requests for upcoming version and topics created after the change are still there so I did my part, at least as much as I could with this project form

    and there is one more huge benefit of Open Source:
    many projects don't accept most of feature pull requests, often even bug fixes, but if anything happens to the project management (and these are often very small teams) anyone can pick up them and continue their legacy while closed source just vanishes (just take a look at Opera)

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    @zakius I've also submitted multiple feature requests. Only a small fraction of them has been added so far. Heck, even some bugs that I reported "ages" ago, haven't been fixed yet. But it's not because they were ignored - some tasks are just very hard, some are very time-consuming and the number of reported issues / feature requests is tremendous. What else can we do? We can just spread the word about Vivaldi. That's basically the only thing they actually ask us to do.
    But don't tell other people "hey, it's a new Opera", because it's not. And if you expect it to be the new Opera, you're probably going to be disappointed (for now, at least). The old Opera has been developed for almost 18 years. Vivaldi isn't even halfway there yet, so don't expect it to have all the cool stuff this quickly.

    Also, you're right about the Open Source thing - that's a huge benefit. But it's a benefit for the users - not necessarily for the company. And since companies were made to make money, they (generally) tend to concentrate on things that are beneficial. If you can convince them to go open source, then great! I'm all for it. But it's probably not going to happen (it's been discussed many times already).
    That's why I've chosen to support them in other ways, which are available for me, hoping that one day I will have the browser that suits me perfectly. You're not obliged to do the same, although all kinds of support are always appreciated.

  • BORDERS (customizable) PLEASE! In my dotage, I find the combination of aging eyes and the "cool" trend of making everything low-contrast and hard to see murder on my usability of the internet. One thing that would truly help people of my generation (we were the generation that INVENTED all the stuff you use now) would be if you could allow us to customize the BORDERS of any Vivaldi window, both the thickness (in pixels) and the color of it, to allow it to stand out against ANY kind of background. Another good customization would be to allow us to customize the window's dropshadow. There's a faint one there now, but it doesn't help people with vision challenges. And before you go disparaging my vision, know that when I was your age (if you are younger than 40) I was a USAF jet pilot.

  • @dpm39110 Search the modifications forum to find some more threads like Border Padding in the Browser

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    @dpm39110 said in 10 ways to customize Vivaldi: our users speak:

    ... And before you go disparaging my vision, know that when I was your age (if you are younger than 40) I was a USAF jet pilot.

    When I was younger I could read the tiniest print on product labels, without glasses. Now, with glasses, even a magnifying glass is barely enough. Getting older sucks. ...but it beats the alternative. lol

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