Crop/Resize Image for Window Background Image

  • Hello,
    I didn't find a feature request for this.
    For the moment, when applying an image as Window Background Image, it only takes the top of the picture selected. If you want to have something that perfectly fits your need, you have to first go into a picture editor software.
    Concretely, for the moment, if you choose this picture :
    You get this :
    It might be interesting to give the user a possibility to basically customize the picture by selecting the picture section he wants (crop, resize, etc.) :
    0_1535939723000_Crop background.jpg
    Vivaldi would then stretch (or not) the edited picture based on the browser size.
    What do you think about it?

  • Moderator

    I think that even adding a simple background-position and background-size with custom parameters would be enough in many cases. 😉👍

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