10 tab management tricks in Vivaldi picked by our community

  • #1 was my main reason for switching over to Vivaldi and test it and remain using it - years ago! 🙂

    For me, this is a must-have feature on modern widescreen displays. But there are many other other features besides tab management (especially #4-8) like powerful shortcuts for a lot of commands, web panels (yeah, floating now!), powerful history ... just to name a few.

    There is only one thing I'm still sad about: Sync still missing in stable version!

  • when i read this list of abilities i get happy like a kid, 'cause it's really seldom when one programs has so many cool and useful features build-in. especially for usage simultaneous activity in social networks, youtube, some article sites etc.
    i'd only wish smb could give me a hint how to get off from Opera - the only reason i use it is quite fast free vpn. yeap, sometimes governments decide they are over-smart to control what you should or shouldn't know.

  • @neltherion: I've just tried this, and it hasn't improved things 😞

    For me performance in moving tabs, etc., has been awful - still is.

  • For those trying to add a tab to an existing tab stack using selections here's how (OSX instructions, sorry) -

    first cmd-click on the tab stack to select (make sure you don't have anything selected first)

    then cmd-click on each tab you'd like to add to the stack

    then right-click (two-finger press on trackpad for OSX as right-click doesn't work there) on a tab (might only be the stack) to bring up the contextual menu; one option will be "New Tab Stack by Selection…" Click that. It'd be better renamed to "Add loose tabs to stack" in my opinion, as that's the effect.

    (I'm finding moving tabs about so slow and erratic as to not be usable; selections make more sense. Also, I'm getting the impression drag tab onto another tab has gone — ?)

  • @GrantJacobs said in 10 tab management tricks in Vivaldi picked by our community:

    drag tab onto another tab has gone

    FUD [for Linux & Win]. Another user also complained about this recently, but it's just wrong. Various others of us have rebutted the claim, albeit only testing in Linux & Windows [7 & 10]... maybe Mac does have a problem?

    FYI: https://forum.vivaldi.net/post/259531


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