10 tab management tricks in Vivaldi picked by our community

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    Tabs. Tabs. Tabs. Let’s dive into one of the most used and loved features in Vivaldi today.

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  • #6 lacks the info that you can open the last closed tab by middle clicking on the trash can. I use this a LOT!

  • @fendar:
    This feature would be much better using right or double click.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    In #9 you don't need to create a Tab stack to tile tabs. If you're new to Tab Tiling, all you need to do is to select multiple tabs and then select Tile Tabs from the context menu - much faster than creating a stack first.

  • @fendar: "Ctrl-Z" for me 🙂

  • @nekomajin it would be even better if the trash icon would handle Ctrl/Shift+Click with appropriate operations.

    The next task for Håvard, after completing the change for history forward/back. ☺

    Or maybe somebody has to find a way to pry Shift as a modifier key from the Chromium input stack first?

  • @fendar Thank you for the enlightenment. A few steps saved... might seem minor, but those little things add up.

  • it would be great if there was an option to disable tabs completely and just use windows

  • Woohoo - I am famous now ^^

  • @pauloaguia: Even that workflow sucks for tab tiling... what you should be able to do is just drag and drop a tab onto the sides of the browser viewport, get some visual indication and done... tab tiled... much like how visual studio, and alot of production and development applications are made so end users can put relavent panels where they want in the viewport... the whole selecting multiple tabs and using context menus is just bleh. not at all intuitive... And lastly it should be like maxthon2 had it..was the best implementation I've seen in a browser for split tabs (and I'd much rather a great implentation for splitting a browser with 2 seperate tabbars, than tab tiling multiple parts of a viewport but stuck with a single tabbar, just rubbish workflow really) anyway that was over 10 years ago. https://koolio.vivaldi.net/2017/12/02/vivaldi-tab-split-vs-maxthon2-10years-ago/

  • Great Tricks...

    My Only problem is that when the number of tabs grows OR you are middle clicking on links and letting them open in the background, Vivaldi's UI Performance can drop to a crawl (depending on how many tabs are being processed and opened)...

    On Stronger newer CPUs this still happens but shows its ugly head fewer times...

    I guess prioritizing the UI Performance of current tab over loading tabs should make the experience a bit better...

    This has been my sole problem since the first release with Vivaldi...

  • Just these built in basic tab features alone put Vivaldi in at the top of the browser pile...

    [New Tab Position] > 'After Active Tab'
    [Closed Tab Activation] > 'Activate Left in Tab Order'
    [Tab Cycling] > 'Switch Tabs by Scrolling' ie Mousewheel scrolling...

    it boggles my mind how Firefox went from being 'THE' best power browser (mainly because of such great addons like tab mix plus and a whole bunch of others that are now all completely broken). To now where Firefox is litterely garbage, that doesn't even support the most basics in better workflow for power users... basics that have been established from almost 20 years ago in a lot of cases.

    The built in tab preview thumbnail is also very useful for the tab junkies who have so many tabs open only the favicon is really te only visible thing on the tabbar...again it was another very useful addon in firefox that I believe is also... broken now. Well done Vivaldi, I wish you implemented ALOT more of the things Firefox addons had added, because the alternatives are bleak, unless you count using an older version of Firefox or fork of it.

  • @neltherion: I agree, an option to have instant ZERO css animation rubbish happening would really speed things up ...with opening or closing lots of tabs..without everything going super sluggish due to animation nonsense.... we just want INSTANT, sure have animations when there is only a few tabs... but when you get 15+ tabs more 30+..and you're open or closing a bunch...eerf its bad

  • Moderator

    @koolio You can turn off animation in the settings.


  • @lonm: well well well then 🙂

  • @koolio Whenever I read Vivaldi reviews, the "Performance" issues they point to are always related to this problem... I really hope there's a plan for it even though React Native does seems to be sluggish overall...

  • Very helpful thanks a lot !!

  • Ambassador

    I remapped the quick commands to command/ctrl+j to match other apps I use. I love that I can do that with Vivaldi.

  • Ambassador

    @koolio I really like the idea of dragging tabs to the left/right/top/bottom of the viewport to get it to automatically tile with the existing tab(s)!

  • Ambassador

    Concerning #4, I feel the Window Panel can't fully replace the tab bar unless it can be made a completely separate sidebar, like what happens when setting the tab bar position on the left or right. If I didn't use the other panels this wouldn't be an issue, but since I frequently use the Downloads panel and three web panels, I can't accept having to close them just to change tabs.

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