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  • When editing an email in gmail, I keep selecting command+shiift+left arrow key, expecting to select the previous works in the text edit area (system editing shortcuts?). This ends up shifting the focus to a different (recent?) tab. It also happens to select the text as well... Is this a bug? Or can I just change the keyboard shortcuts in Vivaldi settings to get rid of this conflict (to be clear I don't want cmd+shift+left arrow key to switch tabs)?

  • Your first post, so welcome! 🙂

    What Vivaldi version are you using? I'm on Windows, not Mac, but this sounds like a bug that was fixed a few developer snapshots back. If you're not using it, TP3 was just released 2 days ago and you should definitely update, as their have been numerous bug fixe3s and enhancements since TP2.

  • I'm on Vivaldi (Developer Build) and it still does it. I'll install TP3 to see if there's any difference there. Late 2010 MBA, OSX 10.3.3.

  • Just to confirm, on my MBA now running TP3, Shift-Cmd-Left Arrow still cycles to previous tab as well as selecting to the beginning of the line. I'll try trashing the app completely and re-installing to see if that makes any difference next time I have to use Shift-Cmd-Left Arrow

  • Not sure of whether I have TP3 or not. How do I know?

    Here's the vivaldi://about data-
    Vivaldi (Developer Build)
    Revision 560ad9361b2765271a5ae8fc7401ededef82bff3
    OS Mac OS X
    Blink 537.36 (@c4fc1926ad569ca9bd622e77402c6afb91ac4ce4)
    JavaScript V8

  • Yes, that's TP3. It followed immediately after snapshot, but is labelled TP3 on the download site. Do you still have the Shift-Cmd-Left Arrow taking you to the previous tab as well as doing what it should do, selecting to the beginning of the line? It does for me. I haven't yet had time to trash my current installation with its preference and other files so as to reload from scratch to see if it's different, but I will when I have a moment. 🙂


  • Thanks Mark.
    I trashed Vivaldi and re-installed it.
    Issues (cmd+shift+left/right changes tab and selects the text till beginning/end of line) still happens for most TextEdits.
    For Gmail's compose text edit behaviour is different now (cmd+shift+left/right changes tab, no selection happens).

  • I don't use gmail, so don't know about that, but that just makes it worse. In other text editing, in this forum for instance, Shift-Cmd-Left Arrow still selects to the beginning of the line and opens the previous tab, but an immediate Cmd-Right Arrow takes you back to what you were editing with the selection still in place, so it's a nuisance, but not so bad as it not doing the selecting. I've never had to try Shift-Cmd-Right Arrow.



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