Notes are Duplicated after Sync

  • VB-40888?
    My notes are resurrecting and also keep duplicating themselves..........
    And it looks like I'm not alone

    Today I deleted over 200 duplicated notes... and some of them just returned 😕

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    @rotfl This appears to be a server-side problem and, when sync is released, we should be on a server that does not have the problem.

  • @ayespy Huh...

    Is there any workaround different than turning Notes sync off?....
    (different than erasing server data and starting from scratch - I already tested it and nope, it does not help)

    Notes count keeps being different between my machines despite Sync turned on....



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    @rotfl At the moment, no. Not reliably.

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    @rotfl I had over twenty thousand copies of the same note. A right click on anything for any purpose would freeze the browser while it tried to load all the copies for the "insert note" item of the context menu. I remedied it for myself by having every single synced machine on and syncing at once (there are several of them) and deleting all of my notes a bit at a time, waiting for all of the machines to sync, clearing trash, waiting for all to sync, deleting the next tranche of notes, etc. until I had no notes and no trash on any machine, but if I were to make a new note at this point, I don't know for sure what would happen.

  • @ayespy I am unable to sync all of my systems "at once" because I have more than one OS installed on some of my machines.

    So I am moving all of duplicates to trash on first machine, then toggle over all OS-es installed on all machines and on each I turn on V, wait several minutes until it synchronizes and etc...
    Then I delete notes from trash from first machine, toggle over all OS-es and Vivaldi instances and so on...........

    And usually after that process my systems are out of sync anyway and "wild" notes appear...

    It was 200 notes this time.
    I am not sure what would happen if I'll delete them directly in Notes file.
    Currently I use script to list duplicates and then just delete items manually whait is a pain...

    In Opera 12 times I used shared hard-linked settings folder on some of my systems.

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    @rotfl If you manually delete them in the "Notes" file, sync will put them back. I tried it. Patience is all I can counsel. The new server should not have the problem.


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