Notes are duplicated after sync

  • VB-40888?
    My notes are resurrecting and also keep duplicating themselves..........
    And it looks like I'm not alone

    Today I deleted over 200 duplicated notes... and some of them just returned 😕

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    @rotfl This appears to be a server-side problem and, when sync is released, we should be on a server that does not have the problem.

  • @ayespy Huh...

    Is there any workaround different than turning Notes sync off?....
    (different than erasing server data and starting from scratch - I already tested it and nope, it does not help)

    Notes count keeps being different between my machines despite Sync turned on....



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    @rotfl At the moment, no. Not reliably.

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    @rotfl I had over twenty thousand copies of the same note. A right click on anything for any purpose would freeze the browser while it tried to load all the copies for the "insert note" item of the context menu. I remedied it for myself by having every single synced machine on and syncing at once (there are several of them) and deleting all of my notes a bit at a time, waiting for all of the machines to sync, clearing trash, waiting for all to sync, deleting the next tranche of notes, etc. until I had no notes and no trash on any machine, but if I were to make a new note at this point, I don't know for sure what would happen.

  • @ayespy I am unable to sync all of my systems "at once" because I have more than one OS installed on some of my machines.

    So I am moving all of duplicates to trash on first machine, then toggle over all OS-es installed on all machines and on each I turn on V, wait several minutes until it synchronizes and etc...
    Then I delete notes from trash from first machine, toggle over all OS-es and Vivaldi instances and so on...........

    And usually after that process my systems are out of sync anyway and "wild" notes appear...

    It was 200 notes this time.
    I am not sure what would happen if I'll delete them directly in Notes file.
    Currently I use script to list duplicates and then just delete items manually whait is a pain...

    In Opera 12 times I used shared hard-linked settings folder on some of my systems.

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    @rotfl If you manually delete them in the "Notes" file, sync will put them back. I tried it. Patience is all I can counsel. The new server should not have the problem.

  • I still have the same issue with the current vivaldi. Does anybody know how to prevent this from happening or does someone have a look into this? 🙂

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    FYI: Bug was reopened VB-38825 "Sync duplicated some of my Notes many-many times"

  • @Gwen-Dragon Thanks for info
    Looks like regression - everything was fine not so long ago

    It's not as bad as before - duplicates are many but cloning rate is lower than it used to be

    In my case only the newest notes are being cloned

  • Can confirm that duplicates are back since my trash count keeps increasing when I move them to trash. In my case it is two folders that I know off suffering the issue and the notes trash count is currently 720 and increasing each day...

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    @Durtro Yes, sometime recently trashed notes seemed to start duplicating. I re-reported it as VB-53832 (master bug VB-52786)

  • @LonM I don't think the problem is only in recently trashed notes since I only thrashed already duplicated ones. It can however/maybe exacerbate the problem.

    Today I more or less traversed my notes and found duplicates at 4 different folders. 2 of them are specially bad.

    I have only 2 instances using sync at the moment, both the latest snapshot, but only traversed one.. Have to check the other.

    Either way the trash count went from 720 to 774. So 1 day 54 duplicates in 1 browser instance...

    Also as far as I know the duplicates are mainly created between "sessions". I don't think they start popping out during a browsing session but I could be wrong.

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    @Durtro You're right, I just checked and one of my non-trash folders has two notes duplicated about 40 times each.

    I will try and keep the notes panel open, so I can see if the notes increase during a session.

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    @LonM Update: I suspect it to be on session start. Maybe after first sync? I'm not sure.

    I am now also getting entire folders being duplicated. At least those are easier to spot and clean up.

  • My duplicates can be counted in hundreds now... 😕
    And they still keep multiplying...
    Every new note I create after few days has 2-5 clones.

    Any news about this?...
    It used to be fixed some time ago... 😞

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    @ROTFL That's unfortunate. At some point recently, I stopped seeing the duplication bug.

    Though maybe I should keep an eye on the 3176 items in my notes trash, as maybe that's creeping up in size without me really noticing.

  • <BUMP>

    Any news about this issue? 🙄

    I feel like I got herd of breeding rabbits in my notes panel...
    My duplicates can now be counted in hundreds and I'm afraid that their growth rate is exponential
    It just totally got out of control...


    Bunny herd

  • I have only 22 today but was some 30 yesterday.
    It start after sync with Vivaldi for Android.

    Cheers, mib

  • On the beginning it used to be a matter of single notes...
    Today I grouped some of the duplicates into folders:
    This is crazy and makes notes sync unusable 😕

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