📈 Opera on the Nasdaq (and Vivaldi on Bloomberg)

  • After Opera being now quoted on the market and Vivaldi on Bloomberg, I was wondering what you might think about the relationship between a browser and the financial world.

    It's just a small thread to have your opinion about the relationship that could exist between a browser and the market.

    • What do you think factually (please do not start a political debate. The aim is to have an overview of the different opinions you might have)?
    • Can this affect the direction of the developments?
    • Could it influence the number of users of the browser?
    • Can this have an impact on the final users? If yes, why?
    • Do you think it can be positive? negative? or do you have a more balanced opinion about it?

    Thanks for sharing your opinions.

  • Moderator

    Having a browser interact with partners is a good thing. It adds a revenue stream.

    One example is built in search engines, (or if you're google with a monopoly to maintain, you forego that).

    However it can be deadly to partner with shareholders. As when they hold a part of your business you have to do what they say, or they may withdraw funding.

    This can lead to dramatic consequences as happened with classic opera. For that reason, Vivaldi probably wont be opening up to shareholders any time soon (if ever).

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