Customize mouse gestures?

  • Just saw the TP3 and got a bit excited when i read that you added mouse gestures! So i went into the settings menu -> navigation and there it says "Mouse and Keyboard" and there is a Keyboard shortcuts sub section but no mouse? So is there any way to modify the gestures or are we stuck with the default ones? (and if that is the case where can i find a list of them?)

  • Jep jep Jep, we definitly need customizable Mouse Gestures!

    Right click + drawing left = go back
    +right = go forward
    +up = reopen last closed tab?
    +down = open new tab (quick stuff)

    Also, why is no "right click + Mouswheel scrolling" to switch trough the Tabs? Can't live without that anymore 😞

    P.S Registration email got stuck in junk emails…. hotmail doesn't like you ^^

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    GestureUp = Reopen last closed tab as you say. It does nothing if no tabs have been closed since starting as one would expect.

    You seem to be living quite OK without right click mousewheel scrolling. I want left click mouse wheel scrolling, which would be much easier to use.

    Flipback = Back
    Flipforward = Forward
    Gesture over link = open link in new tab.

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    I took a look in the sources some time ago to find how, I could see lot of calls and names that allow setting custom gestures, like one called userGesture or something like that, so they definitely are working on it.

    Still I could not understand how to set them because it requires the name of function which is quite boring to find and also because the gesture is defined by an integer and I could not find the relations between movement/number and their arithmetic.

  • Proper mouse gestures is one of the reasons I'm still running Opera 12, so it's a deal breaker for me. I love the fact that they're making an up-to-date browser for nerds, though, so I'll keep myself updated and make the switch once Vivaldi is closer to being done.

    Thanks, guys!

  • bumping this as this is feature I simply CANNOT live and only one keeping me with firefox now (as fire gestures allowed me to recreate my set from opera)
    support for flips and scroll actions
    actions I need are:
    scroll to top/bottom of page, open previous in bg (btw, middle click on back button doesn't seem t work too), save image under cursor

  • if any chrome extension actually worked I'd be using chropera now

  • I got the essential gestures for me covered with the extension that i mentioned.

  • it's pretty bugged, doesn't work on internal pages(internal and SOME of extensions, gestures config itself closes but smart rss not… oh well, how I love inconsistence...), flip forward doesn't work, it's missing "save image under gesture" action
    and vivaldi itself still misses "middle click on back/forward arrows to open in new tab" so I'll just wait for native support probably

    edit: actually, flips seem to work, just they still execute back and forward actions ignoring fact that ?I changed them to scroll to top/bottom (or vivaldi hooks flips and does its job before extension can act, but I disabled build in gestures...)

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  • It is great news, unfortunately I cannot find scroll to top/bottom actions and have no time to experiment to find if flips are supported, I'll probably just wait till config UI is finished

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    I really miss Scroll to top/bottom gestures too. I hope it will be added soon…


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