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  • [attachment=87]Yandex_Browser_17_zps5cb8e7d9.png[/attachment] Yandex.Browser is a simple and easy-to-use internet browser. Its clutter-free interface gives you plenty of space for viewing webpages. [b][color=#ff0000]Features :[/color][/b] *[b] SmartBox[/b] You can enter both website addresses and searches in SmartBox. Search suggestions will appear as you type your search, they include your bookmarks and history. * [b]Favorites[/b] Your favorite sites will only be a click away The Tableau widgets display the following up-to-date information at a glance: weather, traffic and social network notifications. * [b]Turbo mode[/b] Turbo mode will turn on automatically if your internet connection speed drops.Webpages open faster thanks to data compression technology, saving you both time and traffic. * [b]Quick links[/b] Yandex.Browser will help you easily navigate new websites — such as banks, online stores or airlines. It knows which site sections are the most important and shows quick links to them. * [b]Syncing[/b] Use Yandex.Browser on any computer, smartphone, or tablet. Your bookmarks and Tableau are available everywhere and load automatically after logging into the browser. * [b]Push to Call[/b] Yandex.Browser for desktop will help you quickly call numbers found on the internet. Just one click on the number on the site and Yandex.Browser for mobile phones will dial it on your smartphone. * [b]Backgrounds[/b] Change your browser background as often as you like. Select one of the default images or upload your own. * [b]Virus protection[/b] Yandex' own system scans millions of websites every day. Yandex.Browser will warn you if you try to visit a harmful site. Every file you download will also be scanned for viruses by Kaspersky. [b][size=6][url=]Yandex Browser[/url][/size][/b] Attachments: [img][/img]

  • Tnx for info booBot. That saves me time testing it and cleaning my PC (google junk is rather tough).

  • I think the Yandex browser is developed by Opera software for Yandex, or at least The Turbo feature is run through Opera servers, so should be as "safe" as using turbo in opera.

    I cant see any reason for using the Yandex browser instead of the latest version of Opera, however.

  • I've used Yandex Browser for a long time, since I was always a long time fan of Yandex. It feels great, and the features are really neat and amazingly executed. I highly recommend the browser, in a few years when they work out the serious stability issues I have with it. Other people may have different experiences but personally mine was an amazing experience, but the browser crashes on me frequently. I don't mean every minute or so, but at least once a day or more. Which I never have a problem with other browsers. If they can fix the stability issues I have with it, I'd most likely go right back to it.

  • Vivaldi Translator

    Another search engine made a browser.
    Oh, I wonder why that could be ? :whistle:

    You can guarantee browsers made by search engines are the least private browsers.

  • @joar:

    I cant see any reason for using the Yandex browser instead of the latest version of Opera, however.

    Or even better, to use the latest version of Chrome, the browser Opera is based on. :dry:

  • beware the yandex is faked by hackers. there is a pice of adware called yaMdex. keep it out of your PC. More info avaiavale at


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