Mouse Gestures, Address Bar, Export Settings, etc.

  • 1 about mouse gestures

    Why there are no mouse trail

    Show what will do when I keydown instead of keyup

    make scoll and rocker customizeable(there are some bugs when i use extension to do this with smartup and crx)
    (I like rightclick+leftclick to close a tab)

    2 address bar

    I wolud like to make a new tab with addressbar,just make address bar same as F2 is perfect to me

    3 export settings

    4 buttons

    I don't use homebutton,I'd like to hide it,could I?
    also I want make refresh button into addressbar's end.
    if Go to next page button isn't useable,I'd like to hide it.

    5 settings

    Start page-Background Color
    should it use same color picker as Theme?

    6 drag gestures

    I know there are extensions to do this but I'm not talking about that.
    I mean drag things from other applications into vivaldi,link to make a newtab or words to make a search.


    When I hide addressbar and removed tab spacing,then restart vivaldi,I cant drag the window into a normal window when maximize

  • Moderator

    @ts8zs Please post only one feature request per thread.

    1. Mouse Gestures
    1. Address Bar Hide it with a shortcut, focus the address field with F8 or Ctrl L
    2. Vote for Import/Export Settings
    3. Vote for Configurable Toolbar or see the Modding Forum
    4. Pick Start Page Background Colour This might be a valid new feature request
    5. Vote for Chrome-like Tab Dragging or Super Drag and Drop

    Ask in the relevant platform forum about buggy behaviour. I cannot reproduce the behaviour you describe. Hiding the Address Bar leaves the Window Title bar which can be dragged. Restarting changes nothing.

    Specs: AMD A10-6800K, 8 Gb on Win 10 64-bit • Snapshot 1.16.1259.3 (64-bit)

  • Moderator

    @ 2: You can just press [SHIFT]+[ENTER] to achieve that.
    @ 3: There's no "export settings" functionality as of now, but I've described how to do this manually here (if you're interested).
    @ 4: This kind of customization has already been requested, at least several times.

    For bug reporting, please read this article. I moved your topic out of the Feature Request category - you can discuss those features further if you wish. If you want to make a feature request, please post one request per topic, like @Pesala asked you, but first, check if they haven't been requested yet. Thank you.

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