Vivaldi and KeePass functionality

  • For some reason the "perform Auto Type" Feature of KeePass doesnt work in Vivaldi. Basically you set the cursor in a login field of a website, switch to keepass, select perform auto type on the websites entry and it should automatically type aour username, tab to the password field, type that and log you in. Im not sure what the problem ist, it just doesnt do anything. It works in all other browsers, so I guess its a functionality that Vivaldi hasnt implemented yet? Its super useful, so I would much appreciate it if some dev could look into this and why it doesnt work. Cheers, and thanks for the awesome work! edit: uh, just saw this is maybe in the wrong section. This happens to me in windows. Cant say anything about other Operating Systems.

  • It's the same story in Linux x64, & has been so for each TP & SN.

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    The bug is alreday reported.

  • Mea culpa… my post above is WRONG now. What i said used to be true, but the devs seem to have fixed it in TP3 / I've just discovered that in both my Linux x64, & my Win7 x64 TP3, my KeePass v2.29 Auto-Type now works properly, just like in Opera dev & Pale Moon etc. Yay.

  • im on Windows 8.1 Pro with Vivaldi TP3 x64 and it does not work for me.
    i could check later with win 7 and win 10


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