[BUG] Inspector crashes

  • I've seen many topics about this. This one for example:
    ... has been marked as resolved in version 1.15.1147.47, but the bug keeps happening to me in 1.15.1147.55.

    Vivaldi Browser sometimes crashes on Inspector opening. It doesn't matter if I use F12, right-click>Inspect, etc. This happens several times in a day, let's say every four or five times opening the devtools.
    At the moment you F12, boom, Vivaldi just disappear and you have to launch it again.
    This happens since more than one year. I keep using Vivaldi because I love this browser, but this is kind of a serious issue when working as a web developper.

    Version: 1.15.1147.55
    OS: All Debian-based OS I used this past year, giving Jessie, Stretch, Mint, even LMDE sometimes, etc.
    Desktop: All dekstop environments used this year, giving mostly Cinnamon but also LXDE and Openbox.
    Current extensions: uBlock Origin, Ghostery, Postman, Vue Devtools. But I have to say it also happened to me this year while not having any extension.

    I've been inspecting many different kinds of projects. Some were javascript heavy, some were barely using any javascript.

    My workspace is pretty clean, I generally have 3 or 4 pinned tabs, and rarely more than a dozen regular ones.

    I am the only one using Vivaldi all the day for development in my company. When I try to make a collegue reproducing this, we fail. He launches it, he opens/closes Inspector ten or twenty times, no problem happens. From my experience and from what I've read from other users having this issue, what we have in common to reproduce this bug is the usage of the browser over whole day. Inspector openings are more or less spaced in time as a normal utilization, they are not spammed in one hard try-to-reproduce session.

    This really looks like a memory issue.

    I'm not posting this bug in the Linux forum because it is known, through many other topics I've seen, to also happen on Windows, though I didn't test it.

    This does not seem to be easy to reproduce, I understand how hard it can be to fix in this case, but this is an awful issue. Imagine having your browser crashing multiple times a day while working on it. (: I'll stay around to answer any further questions.

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    Any crashdumps? Any syslog messages?
    This issue is a bug, may be caused by OOM, but who knows.

    Please read how to Report a bug for Vivaldi carefully and then report the bug to Vivaldi bugtracker.

  • same problem
    Version: 1.15.1147.52
    OS: arch linux 64 bit
    Desktop: openbox
    Current extensions: Adblock Plus, Vue Devtools, JSON Viewer
    where can I get crashdump for linux?

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