Who Left Open The Cookie Jar?

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    this may be an interesting read for all of us who do not like to be tracked (unless we consciously allow such cookies) or are surprised how some cookies made it onto our systems - despite our restrictive browser settings or extensions that we assumed could handle this intrusion of our privacy.


    Browser manufacturers were contacted by the researchers already. And even though Vivaldi was not mentioned directly I would be inclined to assume that its relation to Chrome, being based on Chromium, makes it one of the affected browsers.

    Semi off-topic:
    I was baffled to see that some of Vivaldi's settings revolving around privacy (Linux, 64 bit, Vivaldi stable release) seemed to have been reset; e.g. the setting to delete cookies once the browser is closed seemed to have been reset to keep those, as well as allowing 3rd party cookies again, search suggestions also being activated again and the DoNotTrack checkbox being unticked again.
    Usually those are always the first things I do when installing software: go through all settings to disable everything that causes too much packet based chatter.

    To remain fair I have to say that I can not reconstruct how and when those settings were reverted to an "open barn door". I more or less discovered it by coincident when I went into the browser's settings yesterday and couldn't believe my eyes at first when I spotted those settings.

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