Fix Sound Indicators on Tab Stacks

  • There needs to be a way to indicate that a sound is coming from a stack. If an unfocused tab in a stack is playing sound, there is no indicator either on the tab icon nor in the stack indicator line.


    1. Pulsate stack indicator area for page playing sound. By "pulsate" I mean change with color indicator into another color and back. This color should be used in a consistent way to indicate sound in all contexts.
    2. Show existing sound indicator (speaker pulsating as tab icon) even when sound is played by the non-focused tab in stack.
    3. On mouse-over on tab stack, the "page tile" view shown could also indicate sound playing by having a larger version of tab sound indicator transparently on top of the tile.
    4. Maybe a small number indicator could be overlaid the speaker if more than one tab in the stack played sound.
    5. Given many windows, would it be possible for such an indicator to be added on the window "alt+tab" switcher?

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