Why not subsidize Vivaldi browser w/ Standalone Pro BkMrk. Mgr.?

  • This may sound silly but... like many on this forum I place a very high value on bookmark management that is private, powerful, performant and permament... a la Opera 12.17, which may disappear someday. What if Vivaldi built a standalone bookmark manager and offered it independent of Vivaldi Browswer, either fee-based (for a non-data mineable, ad-free syncing version), or free (for data-mineable, ad-supported version), or a hybrid version (in which user can specify data to be kept private, up to, say, 50% of total data). Ideally it would be native, not HTML5, but still cross-platform/form factor/responsive. Preferably written in C/C++, or, if interpreted, then at least compiled w/minimally-interrupting GC. I think there are frameworks that could provide responsive GUI design without HTML5/CSS. Multiple versions should run side by side, to ensure privacy where needed, and should support multiple users accounts on same device. And any data stored on server would be encrypted. And the Vivaldi browser could integrate it, or forsake it for something that better complements the browser, e.g., is written in HTML5. Then all that would be needed is a funny viral video comparing the benefits of such a pro-level bookmarking w/ 4 P's (private, powerful, performant and permament) to a mamby-pamby, data-siloed, likely-to-disappear-in-the-near-future bookmark features that typify chrome-based browsers, IE and even Spartan users. Just a thought...!


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