After installing the latest update, the scroll bar is messed up

  • There's a slight bit of empty space now on the right side of the scroll bar. As a result, instead of moving my cursor to the far right to scroll, I have to move it to the far right then move left a little bit to achieve a simple action that no other browser has ever messed up.

    Edit: And yes, I know you can just use the scroll wheel/touchpad gesture to scroll, but that's not always optimal.

  • @kupuna What version do you use exactly? As for me it works as always while using 1.16.1259.3 (32bit) on win 7 (64bit)
    You can look up your Vivaldi version in the first line of vivaldi://about

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    That seems to be a very odd issue. I was able to reproduce it on 1.15.1147.64 (64-bit), but only in the first window (I also tried moving it on to another screen and the issue persisted there too). However, for each new window that I created, the scrollbar worked just fine, even at the edge of the screen. Now, after restarting the browser, I'm unable to reproduce the issue again, in any window. I'm not sure what triggers it - that would require some investigation.

    Could you try restarting your browser to see if this solves (at least temporarily) your issue? I'd like to compare if we get similar results...

  • I'm currently using version 1.16.1259.3 (64bit) on windows 10. I've never experienced this issue prior to the last time I updated.

    I've restarted it for several times and nothing changed, still having the same issue.

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    @kupuna In that case, I would recommend you refresh your profile.

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    @kupuna I don't have any issues with the scrollbar in 1.16.1259.3 (64-bit), although it's not my main browser, so I don't use it too often. Perhaps there is something that triggers the issue for you, so I'd go with the @Ayespy's recommendation and start from there.

    Once we figure out how to reproduce the issue, we can report it to the developers, so they can fix it (as long as it's a Vivaldi issue).

  • @kupuna Before you refresh your profile one last, probably stupid sounding question: do you use any mods or scripts for vivaldi - maybe from the modifications forum?

  • @ayespy dead scrollbar area (5px) can be observed on native (non-maximized) window and in fullscreen (F11).
    Same dead area range also on bottom of scroll down button when on lower window border (fullscreen or no status bar).

    For Linux, going into fullscreen from a maximized window seems to work correctly (X11, current Vivaldi 1.5 and 1.6 on different systems).

    Most likely source may be the reduced sensitivity area required for non-native, non-maximized window modes:
    Part of the window gets retasked to allow resizing (similar area which is dead in other modes).

    The sensitivity area for native and fullscreen window should always be the same as for maximized window.
    But it seems that flag/option is inconsistently set or defaulting to the wrong value.

  • The issue has been solved by reinstalling the 1.15 version over the vivaldi folder. However, it did come back when I was switching to my japanese input method to do google search, but it went away after I restarted the browser. The whole thing is very odd. I don't know what exactly triggers it.

  • For fullscreen the unresponsive area seems to be open known bug VB-39995.

    @Ayespy @pafflick any insight if the native window problem is already mentioned there?
    The (working) transition maximizedfullscreen on Linux would indicate a relation.

    Or am I missing the point and this is about a totally different problem?

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    @becm said in After installing the latest update, the scroll bar is messed up:

    Or am I missing the point and this is about a totally different problem?

    This is a bit different issue, the one you're referring to is about using the scroll wheel, whereas the one we're discussing here is about using the scroll bar.

  • @pafflick the linked issue is about a dead area on window edge where scroll wheel events are ignored (but working fine elsewhere).

    From @kupuna's initial post, I assumed this topic is about the scrollbar failing to react to (left) click/drag when mouse is too close to window edge.
    For me, both failures occur consistently in the identical area under described conditions.

    Area, behaviour and conditions are consistent over different platforms, versions (Vivaldi 1.14+) and profile restore/delete.

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    @becm You've mentioned the bug no. VB-39995 which (according to @Gwen-Dragon's reply) is "Scroll with mouse wheel fails in fullscreen at edges". I wasn't even aware of that issue until now. However, it seems to be a completely different issue than the one we're discussing here, due to a couple of reasons:

    1. Since the OP mentioned moving the cursor to the far right, we know that it's not likely the case with non-maximized native windows.
    2. If the issue was occurring only in the fullscreen window, OP probably would've noticed it.
    3. The issue that the OP is experiencing (as I believe), which also occurred to me (only once, as for now) happened in a maximized non-native window, and the dead area was only 1px width. I haven't checked the scroll wheel though.
    4. There's no reliable way to reproduce this issue (or at least I didn't find it yet).

  • @pafflick thanks for clarifying and sorry for topic hijacking.
    Only remembered old issue on 2nd post.

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    @becm No problem. 😉

  • Updated to version 2.0 today. The same issue appeared again. I'm considering disabling Vivaldi's update function permanently

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    @kupuna This seems to be a very nasty bug, as there doesn't seem to be a reliable way to reproduce it. I've just tried here, in Vivaldi Stable 2.0.1309.29 & Snapshot 1317.4 (both 64-bit on Windows 10 ver. 1803, x64) and everything about the scrollbars works perfectly fine.

    What are your system's specs? Do you use the Native Window? Have you tried opening multiple Vivaldi windows to check if the issue persists there too?

  • @pafflick I use the 64 bit version on Win10 1803 x64. I don't use the native window, and my vivaldi window is always maximized. Tried deleting the vivaldi browser completely and reinstall Vivaldi stable 2.0 but it still doesn't work.

    One thing to note is that I use the standalone installation method instead of the traditional registry installation because I constantly move my files around and need a browser that can be portable.

    After all the mess, I just uninstalled the 2.0 version completely and copied my old 1.15 version from my portable hard drive and the issue is gone.

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    @kupuna I'm also using only the standalone installations on my PC. The setup seems to be very similar and yet everything here is working fine, while for you it doesn't. Did you try a fresh installation of 2.0 (with a new profile) or just upgrading your old 1.15 installation?

  • @pafflick Initially I just upgraded my 1.15 version using vivaldi's built-in update function, then the issue appeared. I deleted my vivaldi completely, cleaned all the files and whatnot, then made a brand-new installation of the version 2.0. The issue still remained, so I just deleted everything again and moved my 1.15 version from my portable hard drive to my PC and the issue's gone.

    Edit: Also I don't even use extensions/modifications.

    My window (1.15 version which works fine) looks like this:


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