Mouseover events broken

  • I'm using Linux 14.04 on Virtualbox, and the latest Vivaldi update now has the same problems that Google Chrome and Chromium have developed recently. This bug, which has yet to be fixed, causes all mouseover events to be broken on Virtualbox versions of Linux. Therefore, any dropdowns that require mouseovers are not functional, links do not change the cursor when moused over, etc. I was really happy that Vivaldi didn't have these problems, but now it seems that all Chromium-based browsers have this issue. This is related to issue 456222 in chromium on their bug reports. Hopefully, this will work itself out, but until then, I'm going to have to stop testing Vivaldi and go back to Firefox. A shame, really, as I was really happy with what I had seen so far.

  • Yeah, getting the same issue here (Debian Jessie 32-bit running on VirtualBox).

    You could always start Vivaldi in an xterm with the following, or use it to create a desktop application link, etc:

    vivaldi-snapshot --touch-devices=123

    That gets around the issue until it gets fixed by Vivaldi or upstream.

  • Same here - I've been reporting already it since it broke halfway through the snapshots.

    Thanks for the workaround Gort!!

  • I confirm this as well ! I found one other thing as well, and don't know if it is connected with this bug: I cannot scroll by clicking and dragging the scroll bar. Mouse wheel, Up/Down buttons, and clicking on the empty space of the scroll bar work, just not the dragging of the bar.

    I am using Debian 8 x64 in Virtualbox (I always browse/read mail from inside of a VM)

  • Just a post to say that this issue has been fixed in the latest version (, which is based on Chromium 44 (the issue was fixed in version 43).


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