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    It's great that our current session is autosaved, but what I still need and is very easy to implement is autosave for my other sessions.

    Imagine that I decide to open my Study session now. I make changes to it and finish my study. I'd like to be able to just turn off the computer, or close both sessions, in any order, and have them autosaved independently, so next time I open Vivaldi, only the default session opens, but the Study session is also available with the changes I made.

    This is very simple since the secondary sessions already have their unique names. They just need to be autosaved just like the default is.

    Pretty please??

  • @mrmeireles If only everything was as simple as you think it is.

    A Sessions Panel is probably the best way to go with this.

    If you make some changes to a session, make it easy to save it using the same name, overwriting the existing session.

  • @pesala
    A sessions panel is an obvious feature. I'm sure it was already planned to be implemented. My suggestion is much simpler, though. Five minutes of coding, and it will save us a lot of time of resaving sessions every time.

  • So You'd like session to be treated like a document in text editor?
    I mean to have it stateful instead of stateless like now?

    • Opening
    • Keeping it "open" / having single explicit "current" session (except that default one that we have now)
    • Saving
    • Closing

    I think that You should change the title a bit 😉

  • @rotfl said in Sessions Autosave:

    I think that You should change the title a bit 😉

    I changed it as it has the same title as another feature request, but is a different request.

  • @pesala
    I'm not sure the feature @Ondrej-Ulman is requesting is different from mine.
    I'm sure everyone who uses Sessions regularly wants them to be saved more easily. Autosaved even if they're already named. That's what I'm trying to request.

  • The linked request is about preventing loss of the current active set of tabs if Vivaldi crashes. The tabs need not be part of an existing saved session.

    I think the only way that your idea could work is if a session is opened in a new window and closing the window offered the option to update the existing session with changed status of the current tabs, additional tabs, or without closed tabs, etc.

    That would already be easy to do if the existing sessions were listed with Save Session, allowing users to overwrite, but currently using the same name appends (2) to the session name.

  • @mrmeireles said in Autoupdate Open Sessions:

    I'm sure everyone who uses Sessions regularly wants them to be saved more easily.

    Yes it is!

    How about gathering a 'sessions mafia' to force Vivaldi's developers to improve sessions handling?

  • @eldarado That's not the way that development works.

    • Users make polite requests
    • Other users support the feature request with votes or comments
    • Developers decide on priorities and feasibility.

  • @pesala Maybe u can create a "sessions" forum section to roundup all session related feature request?

  • @dude99 Admins could do that but there are only 20 Session-related feature requests.

  • It seems this is not a very urgent topic considering the number of replies. However, it would be nice to have an option to save the saved session in it's current state with one click.

    I have a saved session for a study I am doing to pick up where I left. Now I have to save the progress in a new save or overwrite the old one (if I type the correct name). Nothing critical but a save option is nice to have.

  • @ottodesmit This is something I need to do quite often. I save a session for each new book I am working on, with three tiled tabs. This is my workflow:

    • I use my assigned shortcut Shift+O to open the saved sessions dialogue
    • I delete the old copy
    • I select the three tabs, right-click and save the selected tabs as a session

    The number of votes (only 5 so far) is more relevant than the number of replies to the request. Click on the Sessions tag to see the full list of 39 related threads.

  • @mrmeireles Totally second this. Indeed I started using Vivaldi instead of Chrome and FF because I thought this was what sessions do. So close... but oooh... People will see how useful this is once it is implemented if Vivaldi shows it in short video/feature demo. As Jobs said (not that I'm a fan but I liked this), people don't know what they want until they see it. It is actually not that hard to see how it makes sense and how useful it is. We already see a pattern (open, saving new sess, deleting previous... as @Pesala exemplified) that we could shorten, ..
    Is there any hope in Vivaldi?

  • @Pesala Also agree 100%. Closing the window that has been opened as a session would autosave it/ update it by default. This is the way! Easiest and intuitive!

  • The thing you probably want is :

  • Also, another change that I consider obvious and ridiculously easy to change is making the almost unnecessary option "Save Only Tabs In Current Window" true by default, because in most cases the session IS the window.

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