Clickable domain name in the address bar

  • In the address bar, enable the domain name as a link.


    In the above screenshot, when clicking on, the user wil be redirected to

    Thanks (:

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    @dchiner This is already available. Ctrl+Click where you want to go to the parent folder.

    0_1533810009117_Click to go to URL.png

  • @pesala
    Once again, it's not obvious. A little permanent graphical suggestion onto the bar should tell to the user that the bar address could be for writing or for clicking. And the shortcut would become what it should be, only a quicker interface. Else how to know or to remember this little featureĀ ?

  • It's an awesome feature. But I would never find it without this topic.

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    @nekomajin Help is not any help in this case. I am not even sure where the explanation should be given, and if it was, whether it would be found.

    The only slight visual hint is the change of the cursor to a hand pointer if the Control Key is held down.

  • @pesala
    But why would you keep the Ctrl key pressed above the address bar?

    I think an Address bar article could be created in the Vivaldi Interface section on the Help page.

  • I think, the feature should be always active (could be disabled in the settings). Moreover, a visual indicator would be nice, something like in Explorer in Windows:
    what I imagine could look like this:

    And, just like in Explorer, you could select the whole text by clicking on the empty space.

  • Using currently Ctrl is to know the function a priori. The user has to know it first before clicking one of the 102 keys šŸ˜‰ , and more, has to remember it among all the small details that vivaldi make him to remember. It's right, this should appear into an help. I would like to get, into the help menu, a group of links to illustrate how to use vivaldi and customize it. There, html updated pages, online or not, could suggest presentations of each features like it is done into each new vivaldi version page.

    pepkin88 has suggested a modern solution, I know also the underlining way. But, as said, both are always active solution : some users like, other don't, and some vivaldi customizations are probably better without. And if this is optional, we would come back to the first problem : how to suggest the user that he can do that ?

    I have in mind that these always active solutions could be good if you use a lot this feature. But often you don't : in this case I may think to a lighter solution as adding a small 2-state icon among these that already exist in the right part of the address bar.

  • @pepkin88
    Sometimes there is no empty space.

    I am fine with the Ctrl key, but a visual indicator would be nice. Or mouseover tooltips all over the GUI, like in Opera.

  • @pesala said :

    @ dchiner This is already available. Ctrl+Click where you want to go to the parent folder.

    cool, I never knew that (obviously like some others)

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    Why Help is Not the Whole Solution

    1. Vivaldi is an evolving product with new features being added slowly but surely. Keeping the documentation fully up to date would require too many resources that would be better used elsewhere.
    2. Many users do not Read the Free Manual. As the product gets more complex, even those who do read it fail to find the relevant topic.
    3. The best part of Old Opera was the My Opera community where experienced users helped new users. In the process of discovering unknown features and sharing knowledge, insight into how to improve features is gained. The goal should be to make features more discoverable to reduce reliance on using help.
    4. I rarely read help files. I read menus and dialogues; I click buttons and open menus to see what they do. When I discover something for myself, I usually remember it. If I read about it in the help file, I often forget about it.
    5. When users ask on a forum like this, they will often receive different solutions. Everyone benefits as long as they are open to trying new workflows.
    6. When the same questions come up very frequently, it alerts the developers to a problem that needs attention.

  • @pesala
    That's why they have to put the help right onto the GUI.

  • @nekomajin said in Clickable domain name in the address bar:

    I think an Address bar article could be created in the Vivaldi Interface section on the Help page.

    I doubt that many people read the help pages - as we all can see here for some topics which are covered in the help - and the blog posts reach only a tiny fraction of the users too. I personally would prefer it in the otherwise useless page that opens up after an update:

    Big fat: "Did you know that you can Ctrl+Click in the address field of the browser to ..." (See! Bold works if surrounded by not bold!) etc pp. Then there would be a slight chance that at least some more people find useful features like this.

  • @quhno
    I am working on it, right now. šŸ™‚

  • @quhno said in Clickable domain name in the address bar:

    Big fat: "Did you know that you can Ctrl+Click in the address field of the browser to ..."

    This might annoy some people, so would need to be an option, but it's a good idea in theory.

    I can think of many applications that do this in a "tip of the day" kind of way, which can be very useful when you just start out using a new application.

  • If a tip-a-day suggestion may sometimes learn something to you, most of the time, when you haven't to read this to wait for loading, this finishes as only as a untimely window to close.

    The help pages already exist into the idea of the tutorial videos available into the current help menu Quick start. Maybe precising video titles into a direct submenu would be a good start.

    I sure that making help on the GUI is interesting for discovering help but I also think this could become boring for common and repeated using. This help should be only suggestive and discreted like a small icon or a small verticalcentered and clickable dot before or after the address sentence. I think that the large bar can have this small place.
    Even you think that with particular use you haven't enough place, we can use the common solution : a fonction dropmenu declared with arrow (or something similar) : there are shown the function as its precious shortcut. This submenu could have other special address bar functions as making it as bookmark, making rss stream, reading mode or others even thought... This would be a counterpart to the security page graphical interface on the left part of the bar ; this addressbar function submenu should be then to the right ? Remarks too that a check boxes could suggest an automatic and adaptive direct show of the function icon onto the bar.

    Look the dropmenu from firefox :
    0_1533999865181_Sans titre.jpg

  • Just a suggestion: when enabling the Show Full Address setting, the starting https:// should not be clickable as an independent segment because it makes no sense to navigate to https://.

    Thanks (:

  • I also use Firefox. There is a very cool extension by the name of LocationbarĀ².

    It can make each segment of the URL clickable on its own either when the CTRL key is held down or when the mouse cursor is moved to the top edge of the browser window and then moved down onto a segment of the URL.

    It also has an option to show "breadcrumbs" (visual hints) permanently for each segment or just the host. But once the mouse hovers on the address field, the normal URL is displayed.

    This is how the Firefox address bar looks like when LocationbarĀ² is at work:


    It also can hide the protocol indicators like http, https etc.


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