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  • I clicked on something that resulted in infinite tabs being opened (probably piss poor js). Which crashed Vivaldi, attempts to restart it resulted in segfauts. This was on LinuxMint 17 with T2. I was forced to delete config/vivaldi/default/current session file to recover. Out of curiosity I was able to write a trivial JS to do this. In firefox it blocks the popup but vivaldi just lets it run until it dies. [code] <script>window.open('file:///home/user/test/popup.html','_blank');</script> [/code] This is rather annoying since I had 20+ tabs open, rebuilding my browser session is not trivial. Coming from FireFox I just assumed a popup blocker was standard practice. Is this a missing feature, bug, or are we expected to install a popup blocker extension? Thanks, Paul

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    It's a feature that has not arrived YET.

  • I don't think there is an internal popup blocker for Vivaldi yet…not one I can find anyways or one that I've seen suggested. So I found this, www.admuncher.com & it actually works

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    Vivaldi has a popupblocker but this does not show up in addressbar because of a bug.

    This is bug VB-7091 (i reported in June 2015).

    test it: open two tabs, one with http://www.popuptest.com/popuptest3.html, and switch between tabs, you will see the blocker icon in addressfield.


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