Rectangle's animation slows SPATNAV unbearably down

  • Hi, I was a literally a fan of spatial navigation in Opera and I've been using it for years, for two reasons, it was [b]as fast as my fingers[/b], the [b]algorithm was perfect[/b]: I never had to try different arrow keys to hover the link I wanted to open, but today: - [b]spatnav is slow[/b]: I have to wait for the rectangle to move and bounce, here and there, before I understand where it is going to stop onto, so that I can click the next move. This is unacceptable: a computer can't be slower than me (and slow me down). REMOVE THE ANIMATIONS, PLEASE - [b]the algorithm fails[/b]: many times, too many times, a bunch of lines full of links are skipped at once, with a single vertical click DOWN and I have to click UP again and try LEFT, or RIGHT (but why the hell should I press LEFT or RIGHT to go down?!) to select the links within a paragraph... crazy. A good algorithm SHOULD EMULATE THE READING PROCESS (because, you know, we read the pages, don't we?) and a DOWN click, should go ONE LINE DOWN (and not one paragraph down) and select the link which is RIGHT UNDER the one I am moving from, OR THE LEFTMOST in the line, if no links are right under the one I am moving from (in the LTR languages, of course). The algorithm that is implemented now is geometrical and a click DOWN means a strict geometrical vertical down, but this doesn't make sense, as it skips dozens of links that are actually under the starting link, but slightly on the left, or right, in a paragraph and forces to go up and try left and right... a nonsense. THE ALGORITHMS SHOULD ADAPT TO HUMAN HABITS AND NEEDS, NOT THE OPPOSITE: EMULATE HUMAN READING PROCESS, PLEASE, AS I DON'T WANT TO LEARN THE TWISTING PATHS THAT VIVALDI PREFERS 😉 newscpq

  • Not exactly the same algorithm issue, but as a non-programmer, I recently found the following video a fascinating introduction to the challenges and some possible algorithmic solutions utilized in what might appear to be a very simple, but is actually a very sophisticated HID (mouse in this case) UI design:

    Mark DiMarco: User Interface Algorithms [JSConf2014]

    [If I understand correctly, one of the algorithms utilized may have been developed by gorhill (Raymond Hill), the developer of uBlock.]


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