Double-click a Tab to Clone it

  • Please add an option to let us double click a tab to clone it.

    [bug report submitted]

  • Moderator

    @tsunamiz Conflicts with Settings, Tabs, Tab Handling, Close Tab on Double Click

  • just redesign the settings to choose what double click on a tab does, with options below it and have only one option active at a time.

  • Tab double-click should be customizable too. The current feature links to tab double-click (that's coming back last tab selected) is useless for me, and even boring as a flickering effect. I think a custom setting page similar to the mousegesture one would be interesting : a list of possible actions adapted to tab use, that finally the user would select one of them.
    In this particular way, I vote this suggestion because, according to me, this is as interesting as others (like tiling or even special thing like this).


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