Option to Place Bookmarks Bar on the Side

  • Mod Edit: Title edited to remove duplicated request.

    Could we have the bookmarks bar on the side rather than top or bottom? Make it really clean too 🙂 Like this one here –

    bookmarks bar example

    I would much rather prefer a built-in feature than an extension 😉

  • @ashrek I like your clean design.
    Just two questions about your request.
    What do you mean by auto-hide (hidden after X seconds?)
    Bookmarks on the side? It is already the case for me. Where do you have yours?

  • Mine is currently on the top. In preferences (I'm on a Mac), there's only two options: top and bottom, but not left or right.
    By auto-hide I meant, whenever the cursor hovers over the bookmarks bar region, the bar is visible, and when the cursor is moved away, the bar disappears after X seconds.

  • @ashrek Under settings, I only have Left or Right side (on Windows)
    Don't you have the panel like the one here under? (the bookmarks are under the first icon)

    Edit : I found two topics in the Mac section of the forum where screenshots with the panel on the left/right is visible (see Can't add "history" to Web panel. or Elements in Web Panel (Gmail) not Clickable) so we're maybe speaking about two different things.

  • Vivaldi Team

    @AshRek A new feature called the floating panel is already released in the Snapshot and will soon be available also in the Stable version of the browser. Your feature request sounds very similar to what the floating panel does.

  • @jane-n Great news! And thanks for the proactive communication by coming in such a thread to communicate with Vivaldi users. Well done and thank you very much. 🙏

  • Please vote for the existing Feature Request.

    Option to Autohide Bookmarks Bar

    I have edited this thread to make it about placing the bookmarks bar on the side, which is a different request.

  • Moderator

    @pesala This is kind of a terrible solution. The option to move the bookmarks bar to the side has been requested by multiple users (but does not appear to reflect that with votes in the current iteration of feature requests) has absolutely nothing to do with auto-hide. It is about a permanent, non-hideable location of the bookmarks bar, vertically, on the right or left side of the UI. I have been agitating for it forever, made a feature request for it under the old feature requests, and have seen more than one request for it since that time.

    It has nothing to do with Autohide, and should not be associated with it.

  • The bookmark bar on the Side could keep the cascade menus as the old windows start menu did. So far, this feature become only a problem of rotating toolbar from horizontal to vertical ; then this would become a subject for configurable toolbar ?

    Using the bookmark on the side could be useful when you don't make visible the main bar address for instance. This is also a solution to have much elements (or bigger icons...) than the horizontal way.

  • @Ayespy The original feature request requested an option to autohide the Bookmarks Bar.

    Ornorm said:

    What do you mean by auto-hide (hidden after X seconds?)

    That request is a duplicate of the linked feature request.

    That's why I edited the OP to make it a unique request to place the Bookmarks Bar on the side.

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