Does Vivaldi have a Rubbish / Trash / Recycle Bin?

  • [color=#8800bb]I've just been bitten big-time by the much-mentioned large latency when typing in the bookmarks fields. I was in the process of adding a current page to my bookmarks, into a specific sub-folder, & needed to backspace to remove some unnecessary characters from the proposed bookmark name. I am very aware of the big delays when typing in these fields [causing text overtyping if careless], so i deliberately did it __v e r y s l o w l y. Also, i explicitly ensured that it was the bookmark name field which had focus, not any other field. To my horror, a few minutes later, i realised a digital catastrophe had occurred. Despite my care, the backspaces actually, incredibly, did not delete the intended bookmark name characters at all... they deleted the actual [b]bookmark folder[/b] itself, comprising over a decade of subfolders & bookmarks. OMZ. I can restore the bookmarks folder from last week's hdd weekly backup, but will lose ALL the changes i'd made in the subsequent 7 days [ironically i was about 30' away from starting the latest backup]. So, does anyone know pls if hidden away somewhere there's a Vivaldi recycle bin from which i could restore this folder? I bet there is not, but thought i'd ask [i]Gurus Incorporated[/i] here... Linux Mint 17.1 x64 KDE.[/color]

  • Sigh… from frying pan to fire. Remembered that there's a bookmarks.bak file in the Default folder, adjacent to the devastated bookmarks file. Its timestamp was today, a few hours before The Devastation. meaning in fact by restoring this one i'd not lose 7 days' worth of added bookmarks, but only any i'd added in that intervening few hours [which i hoped to be able to re-add via History]. Thus i went ahead & replaced the devastated bookmarks file with this bak version, without the suffix of course. Hopeful, i started up Vivaldi-snapshot, saw that indeed my bookmarks [as of earlier today] were present again… BUT ... was astonished to also see that ALL my many opened tabs & pinned tabs & stacked tabs, were gone. Oh noooooooooo. Why the hell would simply replacing the bookmarks file then obliterate all the opened tabs? That's just stupid!! In disbelief i checked the filesizes of the Current & Last Tabs & Sessions files in Default… & they'd all shrunk from the several hundreds of kB they had been, to only a few bytes.

    Damn damn damn. Not a pleasant Vivaldi day today.


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