The Bug Wizzard topic should not be under the Windows sub-forum

  • I don't think there can be a valid reason to keep the Bug Wizard topic (wherein is the only official link to the Bug Reporting Wizard) under the Windows sub-forum. It took me a good week to find it, since I'm not on Windows, and almost never browser the Windows section. How about moving it under All Platforms, or sub-forum?

  • I agree.

    I also think that "all platforms" should be at the top of the list on the forum index since most stuff should be in there and not in the Windows topic where everyone seems to post first.

  • I agree if it has to go in any single section, it should be in All Platforms.

    But I also think it should be a closed topic that points to the Bug Report Wizard instead of an open topic which users understandably think is an appropriate place to post bugs. Better would be a pinned, closed topic in each forum section that points to the wizard.

    Best (IMO) would be a very clear button at the top of every forum page (maybe in the "Index, Recent Topics, New Topic, No Replies, My Topics, Forum Rules, Search" header) that links to the Bug Report Wizard.

    As it is now, bugs get reported any number of places (which I imagine is difficult for the developers to keep track of), often without sufficient information, which frankly doesn't inspire a lot of confidence many of those bugs are useful to or even seen by the developers.

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