First impressions from an average user for Vivaldi

  • Hey guys, Just wanna give some feedback on this awesome web browser. I love what you guys are doing so far. Technically it's not stable enough for me to change to it, but i will use it once in a while. Just going to give some good things i saw and what things need to be improved: The good things (or the positives): *Love the appearance of the web browser, pretty much fits into Windows 8. *Simplicity to search and browse feels more free than on Chrome, Opera and firefox. *Faster searching results than other browsers. *No signs of unexpected crashes or freezes, so much better than Chrome. Doesn't use a lot of CPU either. Also doesn't slow down. *PDFs and other files are easily accessible compared to Chrome. *Also love that it accepts Apps from the Google App Store. Improvements and additional features that could be added: *Needs more options on settings. Things to include: - Giving the user the option to start Vivaldi where the user left off or from a brand new homepage - Extensions and their options (whether to use in Private browsing or not,etc) *Private browsing. It's just good to have it. (No, not for Porn, but in general terms.) *A separate History window (like in Mozilla Firefox) or one integrated to the browser (like Chrome) *Download manager doesn't seem good in a sidebar. Could have it at the bottom (like Chrome) or on top (like Opera and Mozilla Firefox) *Like Chrome, could have the search bar integrated to the address bar, instead of having another search engine just for google or anything else. I feel like that's what made Chrome so special, so it should be a good thing to adapt that here as well. *Mouse gestures should be improved and touch gestures should be added (except Chrome,no one has added this feature, and since i'm using a surface pro, it will be extremely useful to have that.) *Most extensions i downloaded from Chrome app store, i don't see them in the top bars. So visibility of Apps/extensions is a another problem to solve. *If you really want to set this browser apart from other browsers to be unique,then i recommend adding a built-in adblocking system. Some people have said this already, but i like to elaborate on that. This adblocking system could be seen as an extension that we can enable/disable whenever we want. It could also host secure VPN so that people who can't see youtube videos in other countries can see them. It's a great step to naming yourself as a great browser for the public, but it might hurt you financially (since advertising is a big part of a company). But if you set this browser apart from other browsers, then i think this is the greatest way to start. I know i've used a lot of features that was already in Chrome, but that's why it was so popular. Having all those features made it look simple, yet elegant. I hope it will be the same with Vivaldi (except for the horrible CPU usage madness and crashes and glitches and nonsenses like that). So far, i have my hopes for Vivaldi to be the greatest power browser, given that all the improvements that are mentioned above are set in place. Good job, and looking forward to seeing the major changes you guys (by guys, i mean the developers) have in hand!


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